Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She's in Sydney

Home for the past week and counting

Summer breakfast and dinner table, winter's we eat in the formal dining room with the heater on

Let me do an MTV Crib on u

Love the sunshine streaming through, i've gotten nothing but beautiful winter sunshine my whole trip here =)

So the house was specially designed according to unusual concepts. Greenhouse inspired, hence the glass roofs, keeps the inside warm

Indoor swimming pool, a modern rendition of the traditional Chinese homes with a courtyard in the middle containing a watersoure to "attract money". The right wall of the pool is a 'waterfall', timed to turn on for 10mins during lunch and again at about 5pm, stagnant water is no good.

The bedrooms as well as the living rooms, mini bar, study and kitchen surrounds the pool

Little library in the study, where i sit at the moment, Blogging

The first day we arrived it was already dark, so Sunday was my first sunset on this trip, splendid to be given such a magnificent sight... E was here with me that day

We couldnt really work things out and by Wednesday, i asked him to watch the sunset with me, i was sobbing, sad that things between us had to end. By Saturday evening we hugged goodbye in Sydney Central

On the outside, calming, ain't it? Little pond, with ducks once in a while, warmer months there are chicks. I've only seen the grown ones

Cuddly and friendly rottweiler named Tequila chases the ducks

She's a darling, pampered. Love to pet her and run with her, but she tends to get excited and jumps... much like my Coco back in KL

Abundant red red chilli. Spent 2 hours harvesting them and still not done yet!

Longan tree beared fruit, its a daily routine of mine to go cut a bowl of them before dinner each day for dessert

Wild flowers by the pond. In the background, the sales centre, where florists pick up pots of flowers


MK Loo said...

Breathtakingly beautiful pictures....I cried at the part where E left!

Elwyn~! said...

I really wished that there was more that can be done.

But as you said, things changed. I really didnt want to go.

Sue Lin said...

MK u are so not the kind who cries...

And i got the photography skills from u =)

Elwyn too much happened in the past 6 months...

Elwyn~! said...

You are right.... Too much had happened.

MK Loo said...

cried 2 times in two weeks....the other was when my bleed stained the seats and I had no transport home.........

Sue Lin said...

Elwyn yeah

MK oh yeah... that is REALLY REALLY unlike u =( Going to call u now

Joey said...

Sorry to hear about what happened. I'm really not sure what to say, but only hope for the best for the both of you

Your pictures are really beautiful esp. the close up shots.
And who's house is that? It seems like some Balinese (?) villa or something

Sue Lin said...

Joey heyyy, thanks. This kinda reminds me of the time u broke up with Daniel... god that was ages ago.

Thanks again Joey =) Its my uncle's house, i wrote more in the latest post

Serene said...

sue lin, =( . don't know what else to say but hugs.
the house is gorgeous. I didn't know you were in Sydney. Should have looked you up while we were there.

Don't forget to give me a call when you're in Newcastle k.

Sue Lin said...

Heyyy Serene! Thanks, sigh, i still remember the days after getting together with E back in 2004, i smsed u and JS to inform u two about us... its alright

I'm still in Sydney but am not making any trips to Newcastle, thats why i didnt contact u, my trips to the city are limited as well, mostly just on the farm (main reason i came to Sydney)

Patrick ho said...

Owsss...your dog is very cute!!!

Sue Lin said...

Patrick, yeah, Tequila is so cute! She's my uncle's dog, not mine. Gonna miss her when i leave