Friday, June 11, 2010

Kings Canyon

Purple sunrise

Just to catch it, we woke up at 5am and left the room by 6am

3 of us got into our rented car and headed to where we went for sunset the day before. Followed other people's tour guide a bit

Caught the sunrise and took loads of photos

We took so many photos that we lost the tour group =P


Russian got bored of us taking thousands of pictures, he'd sit on a rock somewhere and enjoy the view. We called it his Micheal Angelo pose! HAHAHHA

Kings Canyon, i enjoyed the 3 hour hike so much!

More photos

I like taking photos of my shadow. This one kinda looks like i am about to shoot myself in the head...

Every few meters there is an arrow, guiding you on the path u need to take to safely arrive back, full circle to the carpark. Even so, we almost lost our way and ended up chatting with this old couple
The husband jokingly asked Russian "How come u have two girlffriends?"

Russian's classic joke of an answer is "I got them from Vietnam, buy one, get the other one free"!


Biopolymath said...

The first shot I love it! I'm now on a long gap between my exam papers and my blog will be updated for a few days.

Have you heard about the Australian Synchrotron? I was so glad to go there on a tour!

Elwyn~! said...

Looks like alot of fun. Enjoy yourself.

New chapter right. Time to try out new things then.

Sue Lin said...

Biopolymath hey! Thanks! Really glad u love it =) Will be reading ur blog tonight or something, no idea what the Synchrotron is, will read it from ur blog =)

Elwyn yeah i told u how fun it was. Love it so much, need to go there at least one more time in my life

Jacqueline said...

LOL!! Buy 1 get 1 free... Great deal! :p

Isya said...

jean mentioned that your desert pictures are nice. i agreeeee with her too! :)

it's soo hard to catch beautiful sunrises/sunsets. i like the purple one!

where can i get 1 boyfriend, free another one? hahah.

Sue Lin said...

Jac yeah great deal huh?! =P

Isya thank youuu! Yeah she told me over msn! The desert was really that spectacular =)

No idea where to get quality bfs for cheap =P

Joey said...

All those scenery pics look like they were taken by professional photographers! Good job!

Sue Lin said...

Oh my god Joey! I kembang dan senyum! Really so happy, thank u so much for ur compliment, its one of the best i have ever gotten dear =)