Friday, June 04, 2010


Winter Friday night in the suburbs of Melbourne. My cousin dressed up for her Movie Night at school

"So nice ar?" i asked her, and pointed out that she was prettily dressed. Thought nothing more of it. Aunt asked me to accompany her pick up my cousin after it was over.

Aunt waited in the car, while i went down to get her from the hall. Waiting there, in the cool dark winter night, with the parents, i watched kids of all races stream out. They carried with them pillows and beanbags

When it was less crowded i walked towards the teacher with a microphone, smiled and said my cousin's name. Happily she came out with her beanbag and two pillows!

I never had anything that in Malaysian schools

Earlier on my cousins said that they enjoyed English school everyday more than the weekend Maths and English tuition and Chinese classes. Don't get me wrong, now i wish and wish that i was forced to go to Chinese classes when i was a kid

Once, over a month ago, when my aunt had to go to the airport to pick my uncle up, i helped her send them to tuition. The two elder kids started at 9am, while the youngest started at 9.30. So i was to accompany the little one till her teacher came.

What i noticed was that all the kids attending tuition are Asian or Indian! All the parents are Asian or Indian. Kiasu is all i can say =P


MK Loo said...

why no photo of her prettily dressed and a photo of her clutching her pillows and bean bag will be nice!

Daniel said...

we're asians lah....

The guai lo are playing footy on the weekend.

Next time, I'll make my kids study on saturday and go to the footy on sunday! (at the expense of church, ho ho ho)

Joey said...

It's funny isn't it? Though I disliked (not really hated) being forced to go for organ lessons, extra tuition etc., I think I'd still encourage my kids to take up some sort of extra-curricular.

Sue Lin said...

MK hahaha, sorry la i am not u, still paiseh n malu to take as many pictures as u. I didnt bring my camera, i didnt even change properly when we went to pick her up. Ah E didnt even bring her handbag

Daniel i like ur lase sentence! Hahah, before the hohoho. So what happen to ur plans to go back to KL? Changed d?

Joey i didnt know u could play the organ! Hmm... i recall liking my tuition classes in form 4 n 5, most of them anyway. But it really left me with no time to learn anything else like dance or music. Thankful i learnt swimming though! =) Useful

MK Loo said...

my friends are so used to me taking their photos, they readily pose for me..but I know who are the ones unwilling, I won't touch them!

I don't think ely will mind if u tell her she is prettily dressed, she will pose for you!!!

MK Loo said...
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Sue Lin said...

Hahah, i didnt think of it la, didnt even think of blogging about it. Just felt like it after i did. I try next time la ok?