Monday, June 07, 2010


Back in February, family and i headed to Pangkor Island for the labour day weekend
I was all smiles, father let me go paragliding!

Thats my parachute... or whatever its called. Beach boys preparing it

Another one giving me precise instructions. He told my mom i was scared =P

I told myself there was no turning back

Earlier on another gal was dragged into the water, she did not have an easy take off. He emphasised that i was to run when he gave the cue. I didnt wanna get dragged so i RAN like my life depended on it

Didnt have to run much actually, my take off was smooth. Before i knew it i was running on air, my feet was above the waves

Upon realising what was happening, i yelled out for fun, whoaaaa or something of that sort =)

Turned around to wave

It was beautiful up there!

Wasn't a very long flight, they soon gave me the cue to start pulling the strings to descend

Almost landing

Ended with a splash! I wanna do it again!!!


MK Loo said...

post the video!

Isya said...

hhahhaaha i did it in Bali too!!! they told me to take off my specs. soo i couldn't see much of anything, i couldn't even really see the guy showing the sign to pull the thing to land. mine didn't land in the water though... hehehe

Jacqueline said...

Exciting!!! I wanna try it 1 day!!! =p

Biopolymath said...

I know it'll be fun!!

Sue Lin said...

MK i dont think i have the video with me

Isya u did???! Awww, u need to do it again, with ur contacts lens the next time! So u landed on the sand? I saw some of those with sand landing in Penang, dont know why my Pangkor one is water landing

Jac go go go! I hope to go again!

Bio it is fun! =)

supplementals said...

AWESOME! hang gliding next?

Sue Lin said...

Haha thanks Supp! What's hang gliding? If i see it and its not too crazily expensive, i will =)

Jacqueline said...

Im gonna visit 1 island this month, 2 more next month... LOL! Let see if my islands are as fun as Pangkor... :p

Sue Lin said...

Jac, wowww so many islands? Are those islands u are headed to in Indonesia? Will u still be there late July?