Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Little Monster

How can such a cute thing be abandoned by the road side?

We adopted her!

Coco is hyperactive, always jumping about and eats anything

Grew up into a ball of fluff

She's really a ball! Hahah, so furry and fluffy.

Still the same little monster

Just a lot bigger as a full grown dog

Begging for food from the neighbours

They find feeding her amusing. She'll sit when shown food.

Joyride, in my Kancil

She didnt know i was bringing her to the vet for booster shots. HAHAHAH

Don't be fooled by those puppy eyes

Co loves the cage, its her home cuz she grew up sleeping in there. It was actually a rabbit cage...

She hates water and baths, all u gotta do to get her in the cage is say "Coco, shower!" and she'd sort of hurridly tip-toe in with her ears down and her tail in between her legs. As if by doing so we cant see her!

My sis carrying the little puppy back in 2006:

Co had darker fur around her nose when she was young.

No more of that when she grew up

My little puppy bear, my little monster and I

More of Coco's puppy pictures here


Isya said...

and you really did update last night. i didnt cause i got lazy. heheh.

Deb said...

OMG... Coco is soooo adorable!!!! I can't believe it's been 3 years since you first adopted that little fur ball. I remember seeing Milky and Coco and absolutely loving those two fur balls.Thanks for posting this up. Reminds me of those times whenever I came to ur house and ur German Shepard would be such a good guard dog even a little girl such as myself, he'd bark! Wooof!

Jazzy*Pam said...

SO ADORABLE!! *carries and cuddles*

Sue Lin said...

Yeah Isya u were right, i've been away from blogging for too long! HAHAH, thats why had to post asap. CLP can wait. =P

And thanks! Feel so proud of my doggie. Hahah

Debs! Have u met Coco in person??? Yeah i remember u know the old dog, he died a week before we got Coco, its a coincidence cuz if he was still around Co would have gone to SPCA. Dicky barks at everyone, even my tuition teacher who came twice a week every week for 5 years!

Hhaha, thanks Pam, but she's hard to catch carry n cuddle, she likes to struggle and she's scared of the height

BabY KaT said...

omgggg so cuteeeeee !
im so jealous !!
i alwis wanted a cute puppy but my parents always say no !! :((

supplementals said...

man.. now i miss my dogs :(

Sue Lin said...

Awww, sorry to hear that Kat! Most parents are like that. I want another pup but father always say no, only one dog at a time. So Coco's my one and
only now

Awww Supp sorry to hear that

dawn said...

SOOOOOoooooooo Cuuuuutte! =)

Sue Lin said...

Hhaha, yeah Dawn! i like to open my blog to see her pix, and after seeing her pix i wanna go downstairs and sayang her! HAHAHA

Jacqueline said...

So comel!!! I still rmb ur dad complained bout very expensive for them to see doctor (vet)... LOL!

Sue Lin said...

Hahahha, yeah!!! He did complain. Supposed to bring her for yearly booster shorts but never did since 2008...