Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cattleya, Cymbidium

My desktop wallpaper makes me smile !

So pink, vibrant and pleasing

Catteleyas are almost out of season. Its a type of orchid, dont look at me like that, its not like i remember the sub-species name, i Googled it =P

My uncle sells them as cut flowers to florists. Even gave them free roots for decoration in bouquets. The long ones on the left takes 5 years to grow!

Bed of roses in a wheel barrow, in front of the sales centre, awaiting the arrival of Billy the florist. On the left is the pond featured here =)

Wire mesh as the walls of the sales centre.

Cymbidiums are cold weather orchids, the winter bloom, we sell them mostly as potted plants. Sydney's weather is PERFECT for them, my uncle says

We've got 5000 of them in the nursery, my uncle would pick out those in bloom, to be sold. I helped him stake them (to provide each flower stem with support) to make them look more presentable.

The nursery. Doesn't turn out well in photos but the human eye can see that there are so many plants budding. I feel a lil' sad that i am to leave Sydney before i get to see them all bloom

Convenient watering system

Teenage plants! Potted and scheduled to be for sale in a year's time

Cattleya love. They're so pretty, so stress free.

Its funny, ex-colleague Blogger Isya dear asked me what am i going to do after i quit. I told her i was gonna go work on a farm. Her facial expression told me she didnt believe me!


Elwyn~! said...

The catteleyas reminds me of a scene from the movie Valentine's Day. The most special flowers to give to someone on Valentine's. Nice movie. Too bad we didnt watch it.

MK Loo said...

Did you doctor the pictures? Colour look too unreal, so surreal to be real!!! he he he anyway, fantastically nice pics!!!

Isya said...

omg, the flowerss are soooooo sooooo sooooooo fpretty (f added in front intentionally).

hahahahahaha. it's nothing personal, i make faces for every statement out there. it's the drama queen in me!

Sue Lin said...

Elwyn what was the scene? So they said the name catteleya? Dont really remember seeing them in Malaysia...

MK let me check. Edited the first 2 a bit, just minor adjustments to the brightness and contrast. The last 2 dont appear to be edited. Natural sunlight always give the best pictures =)

Isya hahaha, so the f in front of pretty is a funny face and doesnt represent any certain 4 letter words? =P Glad to have the drama queen in u express urself here =) Thanks btw

Joey said...

Sue Lin, I've said it and will say it again, your photos damn nice la! Your photography skills are really good.

And I do agree natural sunlight is best for pics. Looks like lovely weather there in Sydney

Elwyn~! said...

They didnt say cattleya but it was exactly in a box, but not as big and only had 3 flowers in them. It was given by a boy to his teacher, after which was given to another girl.

Sue Lin said...

Joey heyyyy thanks again =D Glad i am consistent! Hahah, these things can be learned wan, so if i can u can too =)

Hmm... i'd say that sunlight is the best to bring out colour but dark weather can be cool too, gives different effects. Still personally would prefer sunny!

Elwyn ohhhh i see, must be expensive buying them nicely decorated in a box, especially if its vday, super inflated prices. But damn they are pretty

Elwyn~! said...

Actually, its a very long story on how that boy got his hands on those flowers. But it was nice to watch nonetheless.

Sue Lin said...

Hmmm... okay, i guess have to watch to know how it goes