Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pangkor Island

Sorta miss Malaysia

Where it is warm and not freezing (though i'm sure when i get back i am gonna complain like shit)

So beautiful, i am a person who has a deep love for nature and its serenity

Considering cutting my hair short like that and the feeling is getting stronger =)

Hornbills on the beach, permanent guests of the resort.

A peacock that greeted us when we got there

My brother wanted to take a close picture with it and it ran into the bush to hide

Like a splash of watercolour, makes me wanna start dabbling with painting again

As a child i was inclined to art and craft, that was ages ago, i felt that part of me die

Add Image Yes one peacock and two peahens, threesome baby! Hahha

Family and i went for island hopping, past majestic Pangkor laut. I eyed this yatch, yummm, throw on some hot sailors and its good to go =P

Wrote on the sand

Camwhored, what else is there to do besides swim, eat and paraglide?

My lil sister and i. She's grown up so much! How time flies, can remember her being in my mom's belly, i was so excited to have a sister

Look at lil J, i used to carry her as a baby. If u put me with other babies today, i wouldnt really know how to handle them, i cant remember cuz my baby sis has grown up

Photo i took her for her blog. Her friends admired it and i felt happy like i do when my friends compliment me =)

Just loved the red leafs on the soft fine wind-blown sand

This blogger doesnt have the face for the background. Feels like eden, like a perfume add, i cant play the part

Watched as a Malay lady spends the morning with her sons, they cycle along the beach, past us, and sat on the swing facing the ocean

Stalked a crab and forced it to pose for me


MK Loo said...

wow! fantastic pictures! like a piece of art!

Sue Lin said...

MK thanks! =)

+ : A d a M : + said...

hey u still coming back in a month or so? hope to see u soon leh..=))

Sue Lin said...

Adam, yeah, will be calling u =)

Biopolymath said...

nice trip! How I miss tropical beaches now..

Sue Lin said...

Biopolymath yeah!!! Especially since we're freezing in winter here in Melb right?

Yesterday was sunny but extremely cold!

Isya said...

malaysia does have it's own lovely beaches too. if only they could take care of ALL of them well. imagine if all our beaches look like the ones in Redang.

it's been a really long time since i've been to Pangkor... looks pretty.

and your sister's really cute :)

Sue Lin said...

Isya, i agree! E once told me that Redang is closing off all budget hotels and only leaving high class hotels in a bid to protect coral reefs. Did u hear anything like that?

And thanks for complimenting my sis =)