Monday, May 31, 2010

Stuck in Sand

If a picture says a thousand words

I'll give u 14,000

Uh-huh, yeah, thats our car stuck in the sand.

Another signboad we ignored =P

It's a river during rainy seasons

Our car is not meant to cross rivers, dried up or not

Thats the job of 4 wheel drives

Fortunately, we were only stranded in the middle of the desert, in a dried up river for less than 5 minutes

Helpful Aussies to the rescue!

Pulled us out under the instructions of the elder man. We tried to go across the river again, more to the left this time, which looked more solid

But no, we got stuck AGAIN !!!!

The man and Russian were trying to look for a hook in front instead of the back. So that they could pull us forward, instead of backwards again

No luck, no hook in front. They pulled us to the back again =(

Back to where we came from. That was me whispering "Come on, come on, come onnnn"

Left with no choice but to take the longer road to Kings Canyon

Those aren't our tracks, definitely not. Funny actually, i was admiring those tracks and asked if they wanted to stop. They said no, but we stopped. Thats when we discovered that we were stuck in the sand...

Continued on with our journey. Bestfriend and i made fun of Russian's choice of words when reporting The Kangaroo Accident =)

We made it to our accomodation in Kings Canyon

I wanted a picture of us with the sunset but screwed up the setting. Oops

See, i can take good pictures of sunset =)


Isya said...

i like the picture above "We made it to our accomodation in Kings Canyon"

from your entries about australia, you can see that australians are really really helpful people. there's always soo much crime happening in malaysia that i think it has made us wary, skeptical and a cynic. and i don't think that's going to change anytime soon :(

Sue Lin said...

Isya thanks!

I agree with u, though... i remember a few instances of kindness in Malaysia. A taxi driver in 2003... and a motorcyclist in 2005... so i guess it is not entirely lost