Saturday, October 24, 2009

B4 Deepavali in Brickfields

Was working in Kuala Lumpur's Little India, prior to Deepavali, the Indian festival of lights.

Fleamarket-ish stalls under tents lined the streets in anticipation of the festival. I was heading for the Public Bank near YMCA to invest in unit trust funds that day

The sea of colourful lights brighten up my day!

I felt like getting myself some clothes. But the simplest ones were RM80! The pretty ones with shiny sequins costs about RM300. I later found out that everything was going for really cheap two days before Deepavali =( Missed it cuz i was sent off to Bangi

Below is a violation of anti-food-blog blog rules:

Banana leave rice.
Its a rather expensive vegetarian meal. Gotta post it, i was shocked that quite a few colleagues of mine have never eaten the dish!

Really love the deco, it was an unexpectedly fun stroll to the bank that day =)

That week, i had a flat tyre

My steering was all weird, the car turns left though my steering was straight. Got it fixed


Isya said...

did u know winnie actually bought kain from there and made 2 punjabi suits for RM45 each only. *sigh. so nice im jealous...

Sue Lin said...

Isya yeah, Winnie was the one who told me that everything was going cheap the Thurs n Fri before Deepavali. I saw her in the office yesterday evening and had a short chat. Jacinta was there too.

Jealous too, but Winnie had to face the bad traffic around office for the whole week!

dawn said...

ahhhhhhh WE missed it.

next year :)

Sue Lin said...

Yeahhh Dawn we did! Lost count of when the festival was that time. Haha

Yep next year =)

Jacqueline said...

Flat tyre? Who did u call to fix it? If your insurance company have the Auto Assistance service, they will come n help u for free... =)

Sue Lin said...

Jac, it was flat but not empty, still could drive slowly so i went to the tyre shop near my house to get the nail out. RM4 only, my mom reccomends that shop among the whole row of shops