Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chill Out Saturday

It was a sunny morning, E woke me up before 8am!! Crazy morning person of a boyfriend i've got! Got ready and we made our way to this beautiful garden in Paramount

Love the sound of water flowing, so therapeutic after a hard week's work, there were a couple of red dragonflies too . . . such bliss . . .

Its the home of one of my pre-university friends, XY

She's a pharmacy graduate and is probably going to spend the next 3 years posted in Kelantan to get her license. I dont know if thats worse than auditing for 3 years... i'm half done, half more to go!

XY was really bummed about it, but we managed to enjoy the wonderful morning. The three of us hung out in the Japanses garden in her backyard, just chatting and sipping ice lemmon tea =)

I normally don't like pet fishes cause i dont feel close to them but XY's giant fishes are so tame and used to human's touch that they would swim to the surface and allow u to pet them!

They're so cute! This is the first time i felt close to fishes! Hahaha. They're kinda slimey and scaley but once u get the hang of it, its so much fun! Bit like petting a dolphin? They'll swim under you.

E spent quite a lot of time with those fishes too!
Look at him, hahah, he looks like he's poking them!

They nibble on his finger and he tried to tame the white and orange koi.

I liked the dalmation one =P

Nice picture taken by our hospitable host =)
Thanks for the relaxing morning, i really hope your appeal to stay in KL is approved!


kenwooi said...

eh.. so nice..
the fish is so near! =)


Sue Lin said...

Yup, damn nice!

Isya said...


because of what we chatted about yday.

Sue Lin said...

Yeah Isya HAHAHAAH ! =P