Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not very often

The weekend was very family orientated. Uncle planned a house party for grandpa and all relatives in Malaysia on Sat night. Aunt asked my mom to invite E along.

After much thought and hesitation, he attended! =P I think i was blushing all the way when introducing him to the relatives and the older cousins. It felt so hot n stuffy in the house!

It wasn't too bad. I've already went for HIS family gathering a while back... slight discomfort, unsure how to behave, but ok lah. HAHAH

On Sun it was a nice buffet lunch, just the 5 of us. E went to meet his own father for lunch. Felt nice chatting with my parents n siblings


Sue Lin said...

So tired although i got enough sleep... feels like i am falling sick. And my study material is here early. =( Time to start... wanna blog but dont have the time, need sleep soon

Isya said...

i wish we had 3 day weekends. 2 days is ridiculously short. when i become queen of the world, i shall declare a 3 day weekend. ok?

Sue Lin said...

Oh wow! Can't wait for the new queen to take over then! Hehe

All hail Queen Isya!

Daniel said...

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Sue Lin said...

More info on this "thats 12 out of (2.6m x 1 m)chance."

Crap man ur senior d! JEALOUS! Not like i'm ready anyway.

Back to the lottery, go for it! Don't worry about splitting, just worry about winning first