Sunday, June 07, 2009

At first i was pissed

but now i feel as free as bird!!!!

No studying i need to do. No flight i need to catch

Was irritated and worried when I was one of the many people on that email list at work, we were forced to take leave

Then i realized, its been so long since i had no commitments and responsibilities, just one week of total freedom!!

Target for the week: go to the gym everyday. Catch up on movies and series. Shop. Meet whoever will meet me. Spend time with sis. Clear up room. Camwhore! HAHAHA. Ooooh, go for massage, hair treatment, Marie France detox that Dawn gave me from MDG. Maybe dye my hair. Should i get a hair cut?


Joey said...

Ei? What happened? Why forced leave?

Isya said...

blehh. i was secretly hoping that i could have a 1 week forced leave. but im fully booked till september. i dont know whether to be happy or sad...

Sue Lin said...

Its that time of the year again - Off peak for audit in Malaysia, Joey =(

Yeah, Isya, i also dont know whether to be happy or to be sad. Woke up feeling depressed.

Better get on with my day. Lots to do

Sue Lin said...

Ok, not bad. Sat, Sun and yesterday, 3 days in a row went to gym. Legs are aching.

Did the Marie France, how its supposed to work is beyond me. They didnt really bother promoting to me anyway, i was prepared to say no and they didnt even push. Good la

Went shopping but it wasnt one bit fulfilling. I was shopping like a guy, on a mission, only looking for black strappy heels and denim shorts. Didnt find what i wanted. Oh, i sidetracked a bit at La Senza, but my shopping trip was less than 3 hours only..

Movies watched:
The Number 23. I hated it at first and then i loved it!
Waitress. Loved it within the first 5minutes! Funny script, love the character's expression and their accent.

Series: Completed season 1 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Need to get season 2 and 3 ASAP!!!!!!

Sue Lin said...

Met up with SC from uni, she gets 2 hour lunch breaks! So we had a good chat. Havent seen her since Melbourne!

Ahhh Bukit Bintang was a better shopping destination! =) Shopped like a girl, shopped till my feet hurt! Did my hair treatment too, felt good, dunno whether i shud get another package - it will b about RM75 per session, 5 sessions...

Bought one pair of really high but comfy pale metallic blue shoes (although i was looking for black) RM64.50. And two halter back back tops, same design different colour. Doesnt make me look fat but regret buying two la... not necessary RM40 each.

Didnt get my denim shorts and didnt get my strappy black heels, sidetracked and bought RM145 of other stuff. But its ok la, if i went for the Guess heels it wud have cost more than those 3 items above.

Took LRT and monorail. Tired. Going to feed E's cats later and then gym

Sue Lin said...

Pang of sadness when someone else who started working later than me got promoted earlier than me (different firm and different country though)

Plus i am on forced leave

Some say its cuz of luck that i am not promoted yet, if i joined 2 months earlier i would have been promoted in January. And if i joined 3months later i would be due for promotion...

blah blah blah, nothing can convince me when i decide to start negative thinking