Monday, December 01, 2008

Early Christmas Present

E called me while i was at work on Thursday and told me that there was a makeup promotion going on in his office building. Asked me if i wanted anything from Christian Dior.

I was like, "Awww, but i'm broke!"

He gave me a pleasant surprise by saying "Nevermind la, i'll buy for u"

=) =) Soooo sweeet! Lucky i was the only one at client's that day, all alone in the meeting room so no one asked me "Why are u smiling?"! Haha

His colleagues advised him to get me this travel set with the free white bag. Damn nice right? =)

Lipgloss is a bit too light for my liking, i prefer darker stuff but its alright, so happy! =)


Isya said...

yeayyy!!!!! i found youu!!!!
this is me. procrastinating.

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA, hey Isya! Nice to see u commenting here, how did u find me??? =) Study ok???

huishan said...

i've got the exact same one! haha bought it from the plane. how have you been doing, sue! i'm back in kl for good. meet up!

sherlingz said...

During my Bkk tirp I also got the pink 1 form spore's departure hall DFS... buy form the plane is more ex. In BKK's airport DFS also ex. How much did he bought may i ask?heheehh. They blaff ppl 1!! Limited edition made me so tempted to buy!! now still selling...... except the shopping malls dun haf.

+ : A d a M : + said...

haha better not ask about price..later other place turns out cheaper and E will be kicking himself..hahaha

huishan is back??? i want to meet too! =P

supplementals said...

Its a "=D ior" haha. I miss the nurse call button and the cool bed :(

thanks again for visiting :D

MaS said...

ok to tell the truth, i didnt know whether it was a good deal or not, but within my building there was the main office for so many cosmetic companies. but i was told it was a good offer. but if i had another person to buy it with it would have been slightly cheaper.

I bought the gift for RM100. If buy 2, its RM180 for 2. Anywayz, i was told by a senior manager in my office. I know the person, but not personally just seen her around the office alot of times. She also bought, but got someone else to buy it with her. So she got it RM90 for hers.

Ok, the promotion is no more. It was only for 2 days. Or was it 3. But i know i just followed my colleagues there.

Well there you go. thank you and goodnight ....

Sue Lin said...

HUI SHAN!!! I was just speaking to teen during lunch at work today n he sed Stephen's coming back, i told him u are too and i came home n saw ur msg on my blog!!! =) I miss all our late night procrastinating from studying talks!

Haha, u bought it too!? High 5

Sherlingz u also ar??? I wonder how the pink one looks like! My mom n sis shud b in Spore soon, wish i could go too! =( Mine was bought at RM100. At the promotion its 2 for RM180.

Adam, Teen and i were hoping to have a Frankston gathering! Haha, dun worry, i wont forget to invite u =P

Supplementals funny la u! Hahah, thought the button spoil d by the time we visited u??? Go get sick again la, let ur insurance pay for ur hospital =p

Sue Lin said...

Mas, thanks dear! LOVE you!

Wish we both didnt work so late =(

sherlingz said...

Wah convert to SGD cheaper than i bought ley!!! i bought $90+ SGD!!
If u dun mind u can check back my archives my BKK trip i got pics of it there ehheeh.
Yes ur mum is here in spore already going back on fri night.

Sue Lin said...

Ooooh, i see it! Nice! Exactly the same! Hahah

Our house is so quiet without Jenn

sherlingz said...

But Jenn here v quiet ley... maybe she shy ehhhee. Oh ya they going back on Sat night instead cos no more tix on fri already... I think she called informed ur dad already.

She's Jess said...

Very pretty la the set.

I also want :p

Sue Lin said...

Har really ar Sherling, no bus tickets?? Jenn will miss her dancing class on Sat! Ya, she's shy la, haha, only at home or with her friends she's noisy

Haha, thanks Jess. But sorry we dunno where's their next promotion =P

Valdez Lisa said...

Sue, it is really a nice set.

Sue Lin said...

Thanks V Lisa =)