Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in a blink of an eye

Major changes in 2008 are the flight back to Malaysia, the beginning of a new chapter in my life and the end of receiving an allowance from parents

Learned a lot from the working world, from how to go about working to dealing with people.

Maintained my relationship with E
Despite spending a lot less time together, we are still strong and very much in love, feels like we've been together forever but at the same time the spark of a new love is still in the air, well at least for me la, i feel it =)

Closer to my sister and my mom, and constantly reminding myself how lucky i am, just having both parents with me especially after seeing a friend's bf lose his father. Also began talking to my father about financial world (listening and asking mostly)

Did 2 weeks of charity work, it was an eye opener, the half a page essay this 10 year old boy wrote made me wanna sob

Maintained friendships with SC and LC despite the distance (Melb, Spore), with AN and JK, with the VU gang, with DL, with the closer few old school friends.

Made tonnes of new friends, my batchmates at work are more like my 4th year of uni friends.

I love how everyone has been so nice

Did not meet my lose weight target by the first deadline or the extended deadline. This is so gonna be another recycled resolution. Hey, at least i didnt GAIN any more weight. This senior i knew gained 20kg in the 4 years since she started work, aka on average 5kg a year. Not gaining at all this year is pretty good!

Managed to blog consistently.

Took up Pole Dancing, stopped eating nasi lemak for breakfast. Missed 2007 and Australia ever so often. Flew to Australia alone.

Took far less photographs this year than last year. Forgot almost every birthday i remembered last year. Cried on average once a month (once in two months maybe, in 2007)

In short, 2008 is a simple year, just surviving is an achievement. 2008 is the first time i started asking stupid questions like "What is the meaning of life?", "Is there more to life than this?", its the year i started feeling so trapped, so depressed, and so old...

Resolutions status: Pending


Daniel said...

It's been a really fast year indeed!

I think "GO ON MORE VACATIONS WITH TROPHY BF" is an appropriate resolution for 2009.

ying2 said...

hey sue happy new year to u..haha u wrote such a meaningful and nice blog entry for 2008..
hope everything would turn out better in 2009...haha

supplementals said...

I like how u summed it up with just surviving is an achievement. My turn next year...

Sue Lin said...

Daniel, hey! Hahah, unfortunately for me, we Malaysians do not have as much annual leave as u Aussie PRs! Jealous of ur super long xmas holidays! =P

Ying2, hey! Meaningful and nice meh? I simply type whatever i can think of only. Then i see all words looks so boring, simply dig my comp for pix only.

Thanks for your kind wish! Happy New Year to u too and hope 2009 brings lots of joy to you! =)

Supplementals, u've been through far more shit than me, i'm sure u'll be able to handle whatever comes! =)

Isya said...

heyyy youuuuu...
wont be in office tomorrow. have to go do stat audit. *sigh. its back to work for me and im dreading it very very much.

Sue Lin said...

Isya, yeah! We are all still on holiday mode! =( Hope the stat audit went okay =)