Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Love the Firm i Work For

and i hope thats not the first and last time i'm saying that

They gave us a FREE firm declared holiday on the 26th December!

AND i discovered that we can take free half a day off today too! (Its actually for Christians, which i'm not but its alright, just means i wont be able to take half a day off before Chinese New Year)

=) Had a 9 hour date with E who took the day off. Lunch, a movie - Cicakman 2 (the first one was good, the second almost put me to sleep), hung out, dinner, spent some quality time together! =)

Going to watch Prison Break now. Hey, people really make auditing sound worse than it really is, look at me, i'm FINE! =)

Or maybe i'm just one of the lucky few =P

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