Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2007 and 2008

Last Christmas eve, Sue Lin was a cashier-cum-waitress on shift in Bayside Mall, Frankston

and she broke a wine glass in the kitchen! Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

One year since THIS

December in Melbourne (2007)

The jackets i brought home from Aust are still wrapped up in a plastic bag. I took a jacket to bring to the cinema yesterday, nostalgia swept over me

Smells like Australia, the detergent i use for all my clothes, brings back instant memories, the same smell i take in as pull my doona covers up to my chin before i sleep, in my double bed bedroom on Burns Street every night for 11 and a half months. I miss 2007 like shit

December 2007 in Sydney's Star City Casino or something like that

The Swarovski decorated Christmas tree (2007)

My poser baby E (2007). Feels like we've been together forever!

Our 5th Christmas together (2008) in Midvalley

and many more to come

Last but not least,

Cupcakes lil sis and i spent an hour this afternoon decorating! =)


Sue Lin said...

Just read Kenny Sia's blog, about his breakup, after exactly 2 years

Funny how things turn out so well for E and i. We used to argue so so much, for the first 2 years we were together, from 2004 to 2006 we argued a lot

Then we flew to Australia, on the same day, via different flights, both to Melbourne but to different universities, different suburbs, north-west for him, south for me.

I realized it instantly la, from Feb 15 to early April 2008 we didn't argue at all. I found it amazing, it felt like a record breaker. Then we argued, i was screaming over the phone and my housemates were worried

But after that the arguments were a lot less. We appreciated each other a lot more. We'd be in our respective campuses for 3 to 4 days over the days he has classes, we wouldn't see each other for 3 to 4 days, then he'd come over to Frankston, for a long weekend. Overdose of each other for 3 to 4 days, then he leaves. Repeat throughout the whole academic year.

Somehow that made us a lot stronger la, he felt the same way, he told me late last year. We spent 2 whole months living together in my beloved Burns Street house after our finals

We came back to Malaysia on the same day, different planes again. We began a new chapter in our lives on the same day, 17th March 2008, my birthday was the day the both of us started working life, each in one of the top accounting firms.

"I find my free time so hard to come by that even which movie I watch, I'd choose carefully", Kenny Sia said. Yuppp, i do that too, thats something students would never understand, i didnt understand that before i did my internship. Oh, E and i had damn shitload of arguments while i was doing my internship late 2006 early 2007

Nowadays as working adults (ish, ish ish, i hate calling myself that), we only see each other on Saturdays and either Fri or Sun. And public holidays.

Weekdays consist of a "Good Morning" sms from him and a reply from me. I'll send him a "I'm home from work" or a complain "i'm stuck in traffic" after work, he'll reply. And then he'd call me before he sleeps, a phone call that normally lasts less than 10 seconds just to say "I'm going to sleep now, i love you"

Sometimes we'd talk on the phone a bit longer or sms a BIT more, but thats it. Thats working life.

Thats why i had to declare i love my co when i was able to go on a 9hour date with my baby on a Wednesday

Joey said...

Merry Christmas! Hoped you had a good one :)

supplementals said...

Merry belated christmas! So many years together is definately something to shout(and post) about man

Sue Lin said...

Mine way not bad, thanks Joey! Hope yours was good too

Supplementals, belated xmas to u too! Thanks =) Shout and post i did!

Joey said...

OH BTW! Lovely cupcakes! :D

Sue Lin said...

Haha, thanks Joey!