Thursday, November 27, 2008


Never into that kind of exercise, i personally find it boring. But whats on the front page of our newspapers these days, its ridiculous

Thats all.

Going to bed after 1am every night cuz am too addicted to True Blood, getting up at 6.30am everyday to drive to Kepong, the drive to Kepong ain't so bad but the drive home can be more unpredictable than Melbourne's weather. Client's nice and helpful, love clients who go home at 6pm and ask u to go home too.

Too tired to give ya a picture post, sorry. There is still Prison Break to watch! =)

Ohhh and i never thought taking exams would be good news but i am shit happy to start my Professional paper on 1st Feb! =)


Basil said...

hello, read your note on my blog. you know big bird lim it seems? i'm doing journalism in utar.

supplementals said...

EXACTLY! Sensationalism gila babi. I think our government would do well if they have an SOP to deal with these things, so they'll leave our papers and news alone...

Sue Lin said...

Hey Basil, wow ur doing another degree? I really wanna study another degree too!

Haha, thats his nickname is it? Nope, just 'met' online. Been talking about auditing life =P

Supplementals, so ridiculous right, reading about that every day?

Daniel said...

sigh..the things we do for our future.....

From my experience, CA is like uni without the eye candy in class...and without the lectures.

one CA subject = 2 full commerce subjects in uni. that's the amount of the course content there.

Sue Lin said...

Haha, yeah, its NOT uni after all. Yikes, the content is pretty much like doing masters part time... they give u two subjects per sem. Sigh, what makes it worse is out lack of worklife balance! =(

Hope i can make it through 3 papers next year. All the best with urs!

Oh n sorry for not replying ur email, was busy working Thurs n Fri. Senior reviewed my work!