Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On top of the world

I was daydreaming while driving and i missed my turning. Ended up having to drive through a different street which had rows and rows of pretty shedding trees

Colours like that just make my day! I parked and skipped to the train station, smiling like an idiot. It was cold yes, but it was like ecstacy!

I was so happy that i am in Melbourne now, that things are finally going the way it is supposed to be, that i was wearing a scarf, jacket, knee high boots and a tee that says No Fcukin' Worries =)

Picture above was taken in High Sky Mt Dandenong in the Dandenong Ranges early this month. I might wanna make it a yearly autumn trip to the area when temperatures dip. Loved the breathtaking drive!


Anonymous said...

Pretty photo

Wendy said...

Sue Lin, that picture is lovely! Awww reading your post makes me miss Melbourne like crazy. I used to have a smile plastered on my face when I walked back from class in Caulfield, when the breeze and lovely autumn colours were around me. I must have looked like an idiot. So I totally know what you mean :)

+ : A d a M : + said...

hey its great to know things are finally looking up for u!! And u just reminded me about my own No F'n Worries t shirt!! totally forgot i had one too hahaha

Sue Lin said...

David thank you =)

Wendy awwww, come visit Melbs with Adam =) Heheh! Ur time in Caulfield sounds lovely too! When i was in Frankston the walk home wasnt that pretty, i did smile a bit but not as much as now! Hehe

Adam thank you =) The shirt i bought because u told me about it remember? =) I bought the black one as well from Sydney airport, it says Too Busy to Fcuk

supplementals said...

Well fitting shirt!

Joey said...

Sue Lin, I know I've said this before, but I am truly happy that you're happy with life and where you're now. I truly understand how you feel because I, too, stayed on in a different country then the one we call home.

I really would like to speak to you soon. I have to make a major decision this year and I'm not quite ready for it, yet.

Miss you loads

Sue Lin said...

Supp Haha, thanks man!

Joey! Yeahhh, the feeling is wonderful right? =) I'd really like to speak to u too! Arrange something via Facebook??? =) Miss u too, its been YEARS!