Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Way of Teaching

Back in form 4, there was an English teacher who told us start writing a diary every few days to improve our English.

Back then we used exercise books. The green writings are my teacher's comments. Shortly after, a different teacher was assigned to our class and we didnt need to keep a diary anymore

I continued writing anyway, all the way till my last post which says "Dear Diary, SPM is over!" Hahaha. Started this blog a year after SPM

My 12 year old sister's English teacher has the same idea. But instead of a Diary, its a BLOG!

So advanced! They write weekly. I spent some time on her blog's pictures instead of mine this evening =P She loves the shot i took for her this morning, i'm happy, its also her desktop pic now!


dawn said...

cool.....:) so young can blog :)

Sue Lin said...

Yeah wei! And its the WHOLE class! When i was in UPSR i still havent started using the internet, its only after that i started!

Isya said...

i am sooo jealous!!! that is sooo cooolll!!!! sigh* i am hating work.

Sue Lin said...

Isya! Yeah, it is! And i was hating work on Thursday night, i hate unreasonable timeframes