Sunday, January 17, 2010

Las Vegas Wedding

Checked my phone for smses when i was done at the gym

When i got home, my sister was already logged onto the site and was watching the video clip.

My cousin and his fiance walks down the aisle

Stood before the priest

Phrases in the speech made them smile

Wedding vows

Exchange rings
They light the candle together to represent two lives merging
Husband and wife's kiss
The end

So simple, so different, definitely the first in my family


Isya said...

that's really something different. no one else attended the wedding??
when i saw ur title, i imagined elvis performing the ceremony. hehe.

dawnlim said...


Sue Lin said...

Isya, looks like no one attended. My cousin probably smsed his dad who smsed my father who smsed me to watch it. I seriously have no idea.

Definitely no Elvis la! HAHAHHAHA

Dawn yeah =D I watched it four times!

Serene said...

so cool! i wouldn't mind that actually..

Sue Lin said...

Hahhaah, really Serene?! =)

+ : A d a M : + said...

waa that must hve been really spur of the moment!! its kinda sad no one else was there though..especially parents and family? =S

Sue Lin said...

Hey Adam, been ages since i last spoke to u! I was shocked that no one was there too. I thought my uncle would have went la, just thought that since its so far away we werent invited, understandably, but before i saw it i expected my Uncle n Aunt to be there...