Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The MDG Finale

The top three stood at the back while the eliminated ones strut out in masks. We were like, who's who?! HAHA. First round of the fashion show i didnt get good pictures. Bad angle.

Short break in between fashion shows, some food and drinks were served.

"See the cups they used, so cheap-skate", I laughed and pointed out to JW

"Somemore they use that kind of tray" was her response

HAHAAHAHAH, damn fun to be damn bitchy.

Unlike the first season, the turn out for the finale ain't as impressive. The first floor- not even full.

The second floor is empty. If i recall correctly in season 1, One U was full over a few floors. Could it be because the finale was on a Friday?

I love the way Ming looks in the pink dress

Ming (4th place)'s parents are in the background, her father is such a nice guy plus entertaining on the show.

The top 3 are always the last to catwalk:

Pinky, she looks tonnes better in pictures, too skinny in real life. Dawn, the one i've been supporting from the start. Juanita, she looks good in a lot of my pictures and i love her dress here, but cant say the same about the person underneath (based on whats seen on the videos)

Looking on, fashionably dressed media, 1st season contestants, bloggers

and wayyy too many aspiring photographers

You should see the amount of people lugging around equipment! And some of them have their own ladders! Amazing. E knows a couple of them.

Love this picture!

Dawn's biggest fans, as Damian (Dawn's bf) calls JessLyn and I.
With E in the middle!

Next the girls modeled bags...

they wore the same super short black dress and pearls that after a while

looking at the bags became boring and we start looking at legs! HAHAHA

Pity Farah (left), why did the producers put her next to Natasha (right)?

Dawn wore the 'uniform' well

She won the Beautilicious Favourite Face Award

KennySia was there to present the Viewer's Choice Awards which was based on online polls:

He walked past us and i think we stared at him! HAHAHA, i wonder how is it like to be a local celebrity... with people staring at ya.
Uncomfortable? Lovin' it?

The final 3 shortly before they announced the winner:

If u didnt already know: Its 3, 2, 1. When Dawn didnt win i was hoping Pinky would =( Oh well, as the gloating Juanita supports have been saying "Live with it"

Truly yours,

before takin off those contact lens, and attempting to study that night...


AaronWoolala said...

I think Kenny likes being stared at. lol~
After the event, my friends went to take photo with him, and right after the shot, they walked away from him to check the photo without saying anything to him. His expression was like "Eh? Finish??"
I was like LOL in my heart, but felt bad later. :/
Should have reminded them to at least say thanks lol.

Daniel said...

If the producers can keep on improving the program, i think it will be extremely successful. For now, it seems like a moderate success. But not bad for a production that started from scratch 2 years thumbs up to them.

Speaking of bitchiness, the dresses on the runway weren't that great. i've seen much better on the streets of melbourne.

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, is it Aaron? Why la ur frends never say thank u?! Quite rude right? I dunno regret or not i didnt go take a photo with KennySia. Haha. Thanks for the comment!! =)

Yeah Daniel they are quite a genius coming up with the idea, not bad at all. Overall quite good. Hate how addictive it is... my CA is really gonna suffer. I might be taking FIN with u in December!

HAHAHAHA, always can count on u to be a bitch! Hahahahahahahaah, ur damn bitchy, its so good!

AaronWoolala said...

Yes rude indeed. I feel sad because I forgot to bring extra memory card for my camera. After the show ended, when the girls were shooting photos with the crowd, I didn't get to shoot with them with my camera. :(

Sue Lin said...

Awww, didnt start deleting photos to make space? How many Gig did u use up that night?? Ur pictures look like its very high definition

AaronWoolala said...

Oh I was left with only around 1.5GB that night. There were other photos inside, and I somehow left my extra cards in the other camera bag which I left at home that evening. :/

Sue Lin said...

Aiya, kesihan, sucks when changing bags does that to you! Thanks for answering all my questions on ur blog =) Learned a lot there