Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally the Finale

The Curve, this Friday, 7pm

Baybeetea and SheisJess will be there. Along with fawkand E (All's welcome, u dont need to be a blogger to go, haha), come join us

support Dawn as the next Malaysian Dream Girl

Sms DREAM 02 5 and send to 33001 to vote for Dawn
(voting closes 11.59pm 14/5/2009)

E and i voted for her till E's mom sent us this email:

HAHAHA, his mom is so funny! And E's so sweet over the phone today. He asked me how much i wanted to vote for Dawn, and he'll vote the same amount!

I was like, "you don't have to la, i'll vote and pay for it myself"

and he said "I support her la, she's your friend".

So touched that he's willing to do that for her! He pointed out the laughter i shared with Dawn in the Greats Phase where Dawns and i added an "S" to almosts every words in our sentenssssss! It was really stupids but funnys! I was surprised he remembereds =)

Hey look! My name was mentioned on

And the producers spelled my name right!!! Wooohoo!! Do u know how many people get my name wrong? They got it right, overjoyed! I must have commented a lot on the official MDG blog =P


Daniel said...

wow. Sounds like it'll be a pretty good party at the Curve!

Too bad no free flow alco...but maybe Kenny SIa put a tab on the bar.

Sue Lin said...

Haha, dontcha wish u were in KL? =P

Soooo excited for this Friday! Nerd will have to leave the library early this Friday!

She's Jess said...

Whoa! My dead blog's name was mentioned!

By the way, really want to thank you & Damian for the pass! :D

Also, let's doubled or tripled up our regular votes for Dawn! ;)

Till then!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Babe, I'll be there!! Hee, see you there? ;)

Psst, I'll vote for Dawn now that Ming's eliminated already. :)

Sue Lin said...

Hey Jess, i wanted to mention YOU! =) U can thank him yourself when u see him this Friday =) And there's no need to thank me, i should be thanking u for voting so much! =)

Pam, hey! Yeah! See u there! What time will ya be at the Curve? I'll call if i don't bump into u.

And thank u so much for choosing Dawn since Ming has left! =)

soo imm said...

LOL!E's mom is so funny~!
and good luck to ur fren! ;)

Sue Lin said...

HAHHA, yeah Soo Imm, she's so funny! Thanks for the support, no good news though. Sighhhs, oh well life goes on.

My exam is still on Tuesday, should either mug or rest...