Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anti Food Blog Blogger

I hold a vengeance against food blogs though i live to eat. That's cuz i read blogs at midnight or at 2am and

I do not have the self control to look at mouth watering pictures in the middle of the night. My tummy grumbles. My inner obesed self would crave to stuff her face. The tummy orchestra hits high notes!

That little plate of sinful heaven was taken and consumed in Penang Island

If my friends blog about food, i'll scroll through it as fast as i can!! So that the food becomes an unappetizing blur of colourful mush. Hahah

In my 5 years of archives, u'd find that i rarely food blog. Other than the Melacca Makan Trip and Who Knew i Could Cook?, if u manage to catch me food blogging, i'll owe u a plate of char kuay teow =P

Other terms and conditions apply. Haha! Is there anything u can't stand about bloggers? Tell me why! Curious to know


supplementals said...

i hate lala blogs.

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHAH, how do u define a lala blog?

Sue Lin said...

Even in my own blog, in this post, i do the quick scroll thing~!

HAHAHAHA, focus on some other part of my blog and dont look at the dish annd quickly SCROLL! DONT look. Its 2am!

Thats why i dont food blog

Isya said...

even when i hate a blog, i still read it :S i'll let you know who and why the next time i see you. hahah.

Sue Lin said...

Ooooh, interesting! I'll remember to ask! Hehehe

There is only one blog i swear never to key into my browser! Hahaha, its been... let me count... almost 3 years i havent seen that person's blog.