Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Runway (Malaysian Dreamgirl)

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I swore to never watch the second season, but when one of your best mates are in the contest, how can u not? And here i am, losing sleep to blog
about the

Malaysian Dream Girl fashion show ...

... at Mist Club, Bangsar a few hours ago!

Started off with lingerie and

the rest of my photos are not in chronological order.

And i cant really recognize everyone, i've always been bad with faces so i'll just throw my pictures at ya ok?

Oh if u can, help me name the girls in my pictures! All my pictures are numbered, thanks!

They had to model laptops and phones, looks really hard to do that, and they were all doing similar poses... i mean how creative can you be when u have to model a gadjet?

Maya and Ming if i am not wrong

Dawn (second from left) looks so dainty here, but i dont really like her dress

Dawn studied in BBGS (now known as Seri Bintang Utara), graduated from high school in 2002 (my senior by 1 yr), then she went to MUFY 2003 and then to a dance school before a back injury. In 2005 she started her Bachelor of Business and Commerce (major in Economics and International Business) in Monash University Malaysia and graduated in June 2008.

She worked in sales for New Wave advertising for a few months but due to the nature of her work and her back injury, she decided to quit. Just in time for the MDG auditions! =)

I don't like her cheong sam either... why la they give her not nice clothes to wear!? Is it some kind of test, models have to make gunny sacks look good? I like the 3rd girl's cheong sam

**Elaine Daly commented on Dawn , "I think she did very well yesterday (Mist Club fashion show). She looked so... professional, star of yesterday's show. She really exuded. She's a true model... the way she posed, the way she stood... with whatever she wore" in episode 7-2.

Elaine Daily is so pretty and she's so hot, especially when u look at her up close and personal

An artsy picture of E and I below:

Haha, no la, E was not at the show with me, and that girl is not me, its just some random couple that looked cute while i was bored in between fashion shows. I love the way the photo turned out

Hey any of u guys can take really good pictures? I want more couple pictures with E! =( I want pictures like the one i took above!!!!! =( Sulks, pouts, whines!

Anyway, one of my 1st year university best friends, the beauty with brains (we worked on that 95% assignment together), Dawn:

She looks stunning here! =) Vote for Dawn okay? She's damn nice, very friendly, always laughing. If u watch episode 6-2, about 4mins 10 seconds, u'll see her laugh in the middle of the shoot.

Her laugh never fails to make me laugh wan! Its just contagious. Oh i waved like mad during the fashion show today, when she saw me she gave me her signature smile! Miss those 1st yr uni times

Denezia and Sashya here if i am not mistaken. Man i am so jealous of that cleavage! HAHA

Your plain blogger below, the simple specky auditor, who went to the event straight after work

Cannot tahan, MUST put up one of my better camwhore pictures! =P Below:

I actually posted this picture in my Bali post but i think many of u didn't see that post... did u?

Random facts: March 17... i've worked for exactly one year. And my car is exactly 5 years old. And its MY BIRTHDAY DAMN IT!


Jazzy*Pam said...

Hahaha babe, that couple pic you took was of my friends: Joshua and Pearlyn!! :D

And babe, I still can't believe I didn't catch you at the event!!



Isya said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE LIN!!!!!! have a good one ok.

eh, fashion show looks nice. i wish i was in one. and thenn... i get to keep all the clothes :) hahahha

Happy 1 yearnniversary of working in pwc, you AA1 you. hahaha. bleh... 1 down, 3 more years to go.

BokYuan said...

Happy Birthday Sue Lin.

Sue Lin said...

Wow Pam, what a coincidence! The 6 degrees thing? It was also a shock that u were there that night too! HAHA, too bad too bad!!!!!!

And thanks for the birthday wish!!! U were one of the first few! Thanks for msging me on msn last night, it was a great short chat =)

Hie Isya when i saw ur name i immediately smiled d! Havent even read, smile d! HAHAH, thank u so much for the bday wish n Happy Anniversary to u toO!!

U audition la next year, i promo u as best as i can. But i might just blame u for making me waste my time watching reality shows! HAHAHA. Pinky won RM1,000 cash that night weiii!

Thank u Marcus!!!!!

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Dawn look so cute in the cheong sam. How come go to the event never tell me...? I love going events...hahaha!

Sue Lin said...

Oooh u think so Traclyn? Good good that its only me who doesnt like it! HAHA. I LOVE her black dress

Sorry i didnt tell u, her bf msned me and told me there's only one ticket for me, otherwise i wud have loved to have u there with me! Wud b nice to catch up!

Sue Lin said...

ISYA!!! I was reading the MDG blog and Dawn says "Wow! I think the corset shoot is really fun..hehe..never wore a corset all my life. Mine’s in maroon and I love it! =) Most of all, we get to keep it!!! =)" http://www.malaysiandreamgirl.tv/blog/?p=946#comments

OMGGGGGGGGG, while the two of us are stuck doing stupid EP assignment

supplementals said...

Isnt mist club right outside my house?

Sue Lin said...

Something like that, i passed the mamak i had nasi lemak with u to get home from there

supplementals said...

eh, what is this. they have been in bangsar more than once and i havent seen them. so many potential misses :(

Sue Lin said...

More than once?

I dunno how the others got their special invites but mine was from Dawn via her bf

sharleneSierraLee said...

Hey. Did you receive the pics of Dawn you wanted? You never gave me a reply/

Sue Lin said...

Oh my god, u did send!!! Thank u thank u thank u Sierra!!! Sorrry for the super late reply, had a busy week till Thurs and sorta forgot. Thanks a million, credits will go out to u! =)

Will be thanking u again on your blog and via email too.... hope u dun think its too much. Haha

Danielctw.com said...

Oh you were at the Mist Club supporting your friend Dawn. :)

I'll try to see if I have more pics of her. Sure thing...

Sue Lin said...

Yeahh, i was there! Thanks for being willing to help out! =) Ur photos received great compliments on Dawn's Facebook group =)