Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bargain Bitch

Bought lots of brand new things!

3 formal shirts, a belt, underwear, 3 pairs of black bras (cuz its cheap at RM11 each, simple, comfy - can be worn to work), 1 top can be either casual / work and another casual white top. For for RM 255, well within my RM300 budget! ; ) Lunch and parking RM 13

Love this shirt the most. Thats my new belt from Sisley, its actually black/blue RM20... Note: Mini skirt is for camwhore purposes, forbidden to wear anything tht short in my line of profession. Impressed with how thin my leg looks (yes, i was a lot bigger)= gym's working (= been doing weights - up to 25pounds for inner thighs, 20 lbs for outer, and 10kg for squats)

Not super cheap at RM60 for a warehouse sale, but alright for a shirt of its kind, i guess.

Love the collar, and the colour

Shopping trail - Triumph warehouse sale at Jaya 33 - > Padini sale at Sogo - > United Colours of Benetton sale at Dewan Siti Hasmah (i think) in TTDI

One of them's our audit client, thts how i got the mail blast advertising the sale, the other two, my trusty Ex-Study Partner knew about and brought me there! =) Love her! It was a great day shopping and catching up (while queueing up =)

Truly yours,
Bargain Bitch

Thurs, May 7 - Excited ! ! ! ! !

Going shopping tomorrow!!!!! Can't wait!
Pardon the sakai-ness in me, this gurl hasn't shopped since FEBRUARY
U get me?!
Oh so happy!
Hope i'll come home tomorrow with lots of new things!


Sue Lin said...

Oh! In Dawn's phone conversation episode 22-6, Damian said my name!!! =) Hahaha, so happy, even though its just one split second.

In the life of an auditor... that and shopping gets me excited. I think its just me, tiny things like that makes me happy! =)

After coming home from shopping. Napped for 5 hours. Then wasted time for another 5 hours. Its now 6.17am and the birds are chirping... crap... haven't studied in over 24 hours

supplementals said...

ahh... now THATS living! haha, my word verification is molitee. So i shall call these kinda days Molitee days from now on :p

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHAAH, man ur not makin' any sense Supp, but u still made me laugh! Molitee days?!

Ahahah, eh u know got people ask me "Who the heck is Supplementals?" over msn and i proudly said "Thats my 'Big Bro'"! =P

supplementals said...

Haha, not supposed to make sense. Supposed to be totally random!

Eh, BigBro reminds me of TheStar2 paper la.. askBigBro.. now if only i had my own column in a newspaper...

Btw, my word verification is now extego. How cool does that sound! Sry, im easily amused :p

Sue Lin said...

Oh yeah the Star Newspaper column! Hey i used to ask u a lot of shit.

Its okie, i am also easily amused. Gonna post about my 1 split second of fame soon =P

Eh didnt see u online tonight? Anyway, i'm off to bed already, nights!

Isya said...

Halu halu!!!!

shopppingg!!! yeay!!! and eh, when do u find time to go to the gym???

and i love cheap stuff too. i always get conned into buying more than i should.. like in mcdees. i wanted a banana pie. then the lady went, "oh, if u buy 2, its only RM3". i clearly didnt want 2 cause i wasnt that hungry but i bought it anyway cause it sounded soo cheap for 2 :(

Sue Lin said...

Hie!!! Hahah, banana pie nice ar? I havent tried, i always go for the apple, yeah RM3 for 2 is not baddd! McDs are SERIOUSLY fighting the economy with all they;ve got!

I bought my Ayam Goreng Spicy the other day and realized that the tax was inclusive now!!! So my chicken is RM6.60 and not RM7, definitely wud get conned into buying abit more frequent though its less than an RM cheaper.

Smart buggers! We can really learn alot from these bad times

I FORCE my gym time. Try asking me out for Sat lunch, whenever people plan things i'd straightaway say Sat lunch CANNOT, not free. I missed some bdays cuz of that, i guess i'm quite a bitch about my gym time, thts how i make the time...