Saturday, May 23, 2009

Take My Facebook Quiz!


Some of the questions are kinda hard, i wanna kill E.
Hahahaha, revenge... cuz i only scored 60% on his.

The rest of u guys get a bonus 5% cuz that question was designed to kill E. HAHAAHHA, unless he tembak correctly

If u didnt know: E is my boyfriend and i LOVE/HATE him!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sue Lin said...

Pmsing really badly, so i wore this shirt that says "Two Boyfriends are Better than One" when i went to see E for breakfast this morning.

And i greeted him with two middle fingers when i arrived at his house!

He loves me for my personality, i wonder why! HAHA. He was smiling, with his dimples showing

Oh and i went to the gym wearing that shirt and i met my old high school teacher there~ HAHAHAAH, embarrassing! Hahahahh

Isya said...

hey, where did u get the tshirt from??? so cute ;)

Sue Lin said...

HAHAH, thanks Isya, it was my bestfriend's. Dunno where she got it from.

She gave it to me cuz its too tight for her. Its also quite tight for me thats why i seldom wear it until there's a good reason to wear it! Hahahah

Sue Lin said...

Just for memory's sake -

I was upset that day when i picked the Mitsubishi Lancer as his dream car and got the question wrong on the quiz. Especially since he only recently told me about his interest in the car.

His dream car is actually the Ford Mustang GTI Shelby. Oh no did i remember the full name correctly?

Anyway, then he told me... that the Lancer is a FUTURE car, while the Mustang is a DREAM car. The Lancer would be OUR future car. Thats the way he said it =) So so touched =)

Tonight he also said something really sweet regarding the future =)

Anonymous said...

Its a mustang Shellby GT500.

Sue Lin said...

Hahha, good to have it written down! =) I need to revise on ur favourite manga next