Friday, May 01, 2009

Living in the past

Fairy Tales and castles! Sandcastles

From the moment i saw their mini exhibits when doing grocery shopping at Coles supermarket, i wanted to go for the Sand Sculpting Festival

That was how i spent my last weekend in Melbourne,

Sunny summer Sunday, 3500 tonnes of sand, my beloved E...

dear DL and RC who damn layan me go for the outing i planned =)

It was brilliant, how they coordinate everything to tell a story, there's two fables below:

Can you see it? There's The Boy Who Cried Wolf,
and there's The Tortoise and the Hare.

In the picture above the hare was speeding away and the tortoise is so far behind, so tiny. While in the picture below,

the hare snoozes and loses as the tortoise reaches the finish line!

took really creative pictures with the sand!
Looks like the lion emerges from the sand from behind him,

all ready to sneak up on him!

And he kemek-ed this sand house! =)

...he even fought a robot with a balloon sword!

Really got the action!

Unlike E,

Only know how to dig people's nose! HAHAHAHAH

Don't know why i love him!


I miss Frankston and Melbourne so much...

Over 2 years ago, posing on the bridge...

The Landmark Bridge apparently,

I was so thin after a seriously bad case of food poisoning...

I need another dose of food poisoning. And mc! Oh yeah! Hahah

The four of us had lunch at Sophia's

I miss gelati... that was AUD6 i think... took 4 people to finish it!

Just simply snapped and the picture turned out well:

When i look at pictures like that i really can live in the past...

A few more Fairy Tales brought to life in sand:

You can name these two princesses can't u?

Oh u know what!! In E's department at work, he has a colleague named Ariel! And then a new girl joined the firm and her name is Jasmin! Hahaha, he works in the Walt Disney department! I had a good laugh


Anonymous said...

Wahaha, me digging that nose, dam classic~! But nothing beats digging urs~! Wahahahaha

Sue Lin said...

HAHHA, yeah, and he does look like he's looking at ur finger! HAHAH

No, stay awayyyyy from my nose!

soo imm said...

omg so cantik!!!
i wish they'd have stg likethis here =(
and i luv the pic of u and Elwyn holding the heart shape balloon!
so cute la lol~

Sue Lin said...

AHAHAH, ya lorrrr but if they have it in Malaysia sure one time rain all HABIS! Become mountains of wet sand

And thanks =)

kitmey, allisonyeo said...

wow how do they make something so solid just from sand??? i love alice in the wonderland table!

Sue Lin said...

I have no idea! I wanted to go for their 'making' of the thing but that week i went to Gold Coast so missed it =( I read there was fireworks at the opening

I know! The Alice in Wonderland table is so amazing right!?

Joey said...

OMG! Frigging awesome! Why are some people SO talented?

I also agree, cute pic of you and Elwyn with the heart-shaped balloon :)

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Joey! =)

Yeah, it was so awesome... dreaming of my last weekend in Melb... i had a really bad case of period pain that day. Must have been the ice-cream! HAHA

Isya said...

eh, how come i didnt know about this??? although it seems very familiar.

ice cream looks damn good. haihh...

sue lin, i have no motivation to study!!!! i havent even finished unit 1. im sooo screwed :(

Sue Lin said...

Cuz its in Frankston and ur in Caufield!

Lame, haha

Sigh, i haven't touched unit 1, i started with Hedge Transaction, took me AGES to finish, its totally new to me so not an easy feat understanding it (yes, i didnt manage to read it before UKQ), need to speed up!!!!!!

Isya u can do it, we can do this!