Monday, March 09, 2009

Nice weekend

Spent quality time with E Friday night and before breakfast yesterday. I headed to the gym, February's been a bad gym month, only went there three times, went for my usual Bodypump, had to reduce the weights i carried tremendously

Even so i was aching like mad today. Feels like i've been through war, but the pain's good

In the evening yesterday, met up with LC, who's resigned from her THIRD permanent job since graduation, and JC, another uni friend i used to study with in 2nd year, havent seen each other for two years man! He JUST realized i removed my braces! HAHHAHA

Another round of exchanging name cards, god, this is getting to be the norm. Wait till AN and his gf of XOXO Chic start working, then they'll be passing me name cards too. God, i still cannot get used to the fact that most of the people i mix with are entering the workforce

Oh by the way, i have a friend is doing PhD now. God, god... she's 1.5yrs younger than me and she's doing it on full scholarship. Intimidated or not? I am

Didnt study yesterday, nor have i read much today. Today, was the March babies lunch at Sugimoto in Desa Sri Hartamas for the VU-Monash group. Love them la, we met up at 12 something and only stopped chatting at 5 something. Geng anot? =)

Feels so good catching up. Catch up weekend. What adds to this lovely weekend is tomolo is a public holiday! =)

I wont have such luxury next weekend, another damned Quiz and assignment due 23rd and then the 3rd stupid quiz =(


supplementals said...

You cry. I'll protest. -_-

Sue Lin said...

Haha, thanks man, sighssss

Sue Lin said...


supplementals said...

u'll get the hang of it :) just dont hang urself :p

Isya said...

dont stress sue lin!!!!! take comfort that u are not alone. i am here with youuu... though you're far apartt... you're always in my heart. do doo doo doo....

i finally got to give my namecard out today :)

Sue Lin said...

Supp, dont tempt me with that idea

Thanks Isya... i just keep bringing myself down, dont know how to snap out of it

Eh we've been working almost a year d... now only give out ur namecard? Hahah

Isya said...

eat chocolates. it helps me get by. haha.

i keep leaving my cards at home and no one ever asks for them.

i did something horrible at the clients place the other day. i let some random girl into the office. only after i did, i realized "shit, maybe i shouldnt have done that". the client didnt scold laa but she told me to be careful of who i let in. i usually dont do it. but i was in abit of a daze. i dont know whyyy!! and although she didnt scold, i felt like crying. damn emo. *sigh

i hate working alone. it depresses me...

Sue Lin said...

HHAHAHA, the common practice is, as my bf has been lecturing me, is to keep at least 3 namecards in your wallet, and when WHOEVER gives u their name card, u just dig one out and give them back! Then refill that same day =P

Awww, yeah, gotta be careful these days Isya... but its really hard la, u cant just sit there when u see the girl at the door and not open it for her right???

I hate working alone too, it sucks not having anyone to talk to. Sms me anytime ok? Thats what i do when i work alone.

Ps. I commented in your bloggie

I just feel like talking more about name cards. Don't mind me crapping here =P Why am i asking, its my blog! HAHA.

Its quite fun giving name cards to friends. One of my friend went, "Oh yeah, ur supposed to hold it that way, i keep forgetting".

That Sat, JC gave me his name card and i just absent mindedly put it on the table while i hurriedly dug for mine... then LC said "Oh yeah, your supposed to put it on the table in front of you that way", and i was like, BLUR, oh is it, did i do something right?? JC explained the rational of putting the name card on the table in the manner i did.

HAHAH, i did that just so that i dont have to hold his name card while i looked for mine!

Fun fun! Doing with people around your age, they wont judge you and u can practice!