Sunday, January 04, 2009

Saturday Night

Put the 6 of us together on a round table with a steamboat at 7ish...

...and the next time i looked at the clock it was 9pm! Hung around chit chatting a while more and then decided to move on, to a cafe nearby for drinks

It was hard reading the menu!

More catching up and laughter till almost 1am!

It was kinda scary going home... and to know that in that area there was previously a snatch-theft case where the victim died. Welcome to KL. My friends kept on chatting and didnt wanna get out of my car, although they've already open the door to walk to their car, i was like "if u wanna talk, close the door!"

Except for the schoolmate that is now a colleague, i have not met the rest for between 3 months (the one studying in Aust, when i visited Aust) to 3 years (the one studying in Singapore, i havent seen her since CNY 2006, ohmygod 3 yrs)

Lazy to get picture out of my camera, insert later la! DONE
Resolutions status: Done. But later la. Hahah

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Sue Lin said...

We had a dinner together, a bigger group of us last night-3/1/2010 and we also sat there for hours. Started trying to make plans for today 4/1/2010 and i cant help but recalling our gathering in 2009!

Time really flies, all that feels like last month or something. Cant believe we only met

2 times beg of 2009
1 time for Chinese New Year
1 time in August or was it July?
1 time on December 12

Total of 5 times... actually its not bad laaaa. I have a feeling it will be less in 2010