Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sunday Lunch

If ya noticed, i am anti-food blog. Hate looking at food that i cant eat! So check out...

...our empty glasses! HAHAHA. *Pix added to previous post*

The lunch is a continuation of Saturday night's dinner. Girl in hairband is working in a reputable local bank, in HR, we had a good time listening to her 'tips' on employment. Hahah.

The rest is just mindless chatter. We were exchanging name cards, god, we are progressing in life!

E earlier lectured me about not keeping my namecard in my wallet. I normally put it in my workbag, which i only sometimes use on the weekends, when E and i met blogger D, the men exchanged namecards while yours truly was unable to. So now i carry at least 3 with me

Oh hey, i'm HAPPY~ Got my super be-early present, haven't collected it but u get what i mean...

What happened was i shopped online. Close friend AN's gf, W has an online shop, XOXO Chic. Saw something i liked and took the risk, decided to buy a top a few weeks ago. Tonight when i told AN i wanted to pay for it and he said

"aiyaa relax la
im paying for u"

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, so happy!!! =) THANK YOU!

My bday is on 17 March by the way =P Hehe


Daniel said...

Tip - go to Popular and buy a namecard holder book. The type where u can keep the cards that people have given to you.

I've received quite a few cards and lost them. Quite wasted.......


Sue Lin said...

Really? I THINK i still have all those given to me...

I'm also supposed to buy the calculator that can be connected to the computer for the upcoming peak season. Maybe today buy both together, we'll see.