Thursday, January 15, 2009

Help is Hostile. Hate it

Stupid Help University College. Called looking for this woman, Valiamah at Registry 1 so many times engage engage engage. So thats why my stupid mobile phone bill went up!

Finally talk to some somewhat clueless, quite useless woman instead of the most relevant person. The unknowledgeable person says i MUST go to the stupid uni in PERSON to submit a credit card authorization form and that i cant do it over the phone.

So i did man! Stupid waste of time. Went there and submitted my form to another IRRITATING woman who told me that once i submitted the form Charles Stuart University in Australia would send me my results to my HOME.

But i later found out that they would send it to the STUPID Help uni, meaning i gotta go back all the way there just to collect the stupid piece of paper called a transcript.

Thank god i kept on calling and pestering them or i wouldnt have found that out! I had to stress that it was URGENT and then Valiamah said she'll call me when the damn piece of paper arrives.

But guess what she didnt call! She emailed instead! STUPID MAN, i was waiting by the phone. U think i so free everyday check my yahoo mail? Work mail also need to check! People need to work! So bullshit

The piece of paper arrived on Monday and she emailed on Monday. But i found out on WEDNESDAY cuz i was too busy to check my yahoo. Stupid waste of 2 working days. I need to collect it and THEN need to go to near BANGSAR (impossible to find parking) to submit it BY FRIDAY.

So irritating ok? I am working in BANGI till CNY. I where got time to do that?

You know what i hate about Monash? Its their damn fault TWO Monash Graduates had to go study in Help!


supplementals said...

OMFG. VALIAMAH? i dont mean to be racist, but ALL THE INDIAN ADMINS in help are USELESS. Not surprised they'd do this to u. Did u scold the shit outa them? please tell me u did...

Daniel said...

what happened?

u need to take some pre-requisite subject to do CA?

Sue Lin said...

Sup - I totally couldnt get her on the phone and talked to someone irrelevant who didnt knoe the whole shit

Daniel - Yeah i TOOK a pre-requisite thats why i missed Sem 2 2008 remember? I thought i told u?

Joey said...

Totally inefficient, right? I can't remember exactly what bad experiences I had, but I know I had some cos I'm not too proud of 'em either. Kekeke

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, thanks Joey, i forgot u were frm there! Was a bit afraid i suddenly offend someone, phew, u agree with me!