Saturday, January 24, 2009

Me Happy

Cuz the CNY holidays have begun! YAHOOO

Had Senior Manager's review yesterday and directors review today. So glad its all over =)

Pay day is today! Yes!

And there's another thing i am shit happy about but cant blog about it =P Lets just say i didnt waste RM550!

Too tired to do a proper post though, i wanna play The Sims 2! HAHAHA


Valdez Lisa said...

hey, i like this game. But I have no time to play though. :(

Isya said...

Happy Chinese New Year dearr!!!!!
have a good one. hug hug*

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, VLisa, i sacrifice my blogging time and use up my holidays playing the game! Quite stupid but just so addicted!

Thanks for the greetings Isya! Hugs back

Sue Lin said...

That RM550 not wasted was for IELTS =)

Took the exam in December and managed to get the score required =)