Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nothing in Life is Free

Super off-peak at work. Practically nothing to do. By 6pm, the 15th floor was almost empty. Hello, aren't i in audit?

Did my damn law assignment at work today. A paragraph in between catching up with friends, most of them, i've only known for less than 6 months. Love love chit chatin'

Charging my time to Available Time (AT) instead of charging to client. It's inefficient time spent and apparently not my fault, according to Resource Operation.

But somehow, i get the feeling too much AT will have a negative impact on my bonus and pay increase come July 2009.

Great bitchin' and gossipin' sessions. All spreading like wildfire!
Love love sinning. Feels so so good. Just the same, will pay for it later on

Nothing in life comes for free


Jerome said...

Most of the thing at my place is free. lol

supplementals said...

U dont have to pay to blog :D

Sue Lin said...

Hahha, is it? Then please give me ur car. Thanks

And yeah man, thank goodness no need to pay to blog

Sue Lin said...

This week's not bad, sent of to a client... great teammates, had fun chatting. I love the meeting people part of my job. WC's great- we get along so well, the seniors (CH and LS) are great, the other guy's great-ex-Footballer player, nice hearing about his travel

Falling asleep through the vouching... after lunch, everyday. Client didnt offer us to help ourself to the pantry, hence my limited access to coffee