Saturday, September 06, 2008

The First Step is the Hardest

Recently in the newspapers, there was this guy who entered the Malaysian Book of Records for breaking the record for standing on top of a building for 30hours. On top of the KL Tower if i am not mistaken, too troublesome for me to reference the article, cant remember what papers or what date it was.

Anyway, the guy said the first hour was the hardest. Cuz he still had 29 more to go. And after that its not so bad.

What if i need to travel a thousand miles before i can even take my first step?

I have to go so far JUST to reach the BEGINNING of my journey.
How would u motivate yourself if u were in my shoes?

I feel so hopeless and lost. Not to mention there are other emotions like jealousy banging on my door, weighing me down


Tan said...

I jumped into your shoe, Sue with full understanding of your situation.

fickle_fiasco said...

hi hi
i've stopped cheerleadin bout a yr ago as well.. im now into dancin..heh

+ : A d a M : + said...

aiya i can give u a much easier example.

in a 2000 word assignment, the first 500 or so is the hardest.

after that it gets a lot easier..hahah!

Tan said...

marcus to adam,

very true. the same thing goes to constructing a building. the foundation is the hardest, after that it is all smooth sailing.

unless, something happened. touch wood.

Sue Lin said...

Marcus, Adam, not so easy worrrr. After i finish this damn paper will probably have to wait MONTHS before i can start my ICAA. The wait will kill and the paper wud look more n more difficult the longer i dun start...

Fickle Fiasco, haha, i seee i see, time to branch out i guess. I also started a whole diff kind of dance class =)