Monday, September 01, 2008

Fourrrrth Annnniversary

We've come a long way.

Feels like last week that we were in Frankston playing Thursday Night Poker. We told the others that we couldn't make it next week cuz it was our anniversary and we were headed to Melb city. That was last year, not last week

Dug out old pictures! Enjoy! Haha

We got together in 2004, back in pre-university. Australian Matriculation

We look soooooooo cute! We were once so young! Hahah

See the way he held my head, looks so loving, so sayang me =)

For the second month anniversary, he got one of our friends to lead the unknowing me to the staircase between the 4th and 5th floor with the breathtaking view overlooking Sunway Lagoon, and he got another 6 friends to help out.
They, one by one, came up to me and gave me a white rose.

He was the last to appear, carrying the single, final red rose! I was so shocked! Each rose had a little message.

The funny thing was, our friends, after giving me the roses leaned on the wall in a line and watched us as if we were some sort of Malaysian drama! Hahah

On impulse i made him this little cross stitch thing

Which he has kept in his wallet from the day i gave it to him till now! =)
U know one funny incident... he was talking to this other girl with the exact same name as me, her spelling is also Sue Lin. He took out his wallet in front of her and she look so surprised to see the cross stitch thing! HAHAHAH. Like my E is some stalker! She looked so worried when she asked "Why's my name there?!" Hahaha!

In the first year of uni, he decided to keep his hair long... first the afro stage!

Look at me in my braces, totally unglam! Whatever, we're happy =P

In the background, lower down the escalator are N and T, they broke up YEARS ago

And then we went to Penang with a bunch of friends

The two of us, having dinner to celebrate the 10th month anniversary
He was so so skinny!

In 2006, E came to give me his support when i got my first tatt done.

Look at how long his hair has grown!

I, too, supported him as he got his first one done

He sported the dreadlocks for a while before giving it up. Malaysia's weather ain't suitable for that do.

Our 2nd Year Anniversary:

God, i cant believe that was half our relationship ago. Super duper fast man!

Last year we went abroad for our final year of uni together!

In the Melbourne's Connex train. Playing with some colour function on my camera. Housemate HS took the pic

The 3rd Anniversary in Melb:

The best anniversary pictures we've got! Melbourne's so beautiful!

Does it feel like u've seen those pictures not long ago? I blogged them last year

Early this year, south of Frankston,

At Cape Schanck Lighthouse

and finally, last night,

Wonderful dinner at TGIF, food's good, our conversation was good and the atmosphere was just right. Took pix of the food but as u know, i am anti-food blog, he might blog it instead of me =P

Merdeka Eve 2008, our Fourth Anniversary, baby!

During our courtship, I've gained 4kg and he gained TWENTY!


supplementals said...

CONGRATS on making it this far! May u be blessed with many more years to come :D

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, thanks! I hope ICAA doesnt make me a horrible person, i have a strong feeling that its gonna be one hell of a tough journey

Tan said...

May the force be with both of you.

Mas looks better in the 2004 picture.

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHAAH, u serious?

zbed... said...

4 years babe!!! :) Congratulations!!
Susan says that we're gonna get married and get babies first. I told her who is she to kid! Heheh =p you and I know it! Heheh.. Congratulations again!

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAH, yeah man! SHE who speaks that way will be THE first RIGHT??? =) Always the case. Thanks for the wish! =)

Joey said...

Wow...very, very cliche, but time freaking flies!! And, and I held one of those rose! Hehe...I still remember that day.

Congratz, you 2 :D

Btw, I gained weight after I went out with Nelson, too! WTF

meL.a.Nie said...

omg..from da time i knew u both,time REALLY flies by in a blink of an eye.u 2 r 1 of da many sweetest couples i'd ever known & still going strong.

so proud of u 2!!

1 thing i miss da most is spending time wif u bothn whenever we get to meet up & talk abt loads of things 2getha.waaaaaaaahhh...i wanna come home & hang out wif u both,my fave couple & be da "brightest lamp post". msg is so supa long but nvm,congrats to both of u.can't wait to c u all soon!!dec,pls come quickly!!!*hugs*

missing u all!!!!

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, yeah Joey, my overused phrase - Time flies.

HAhaha, u sound really proud to have held one of the rose! =) Glad to have had u bring me one of them =) Thanks! And thanks for the wish

Its quite normal for people to gain weight after coupling up i guess!

Hahah, Melanie, dun la look forward to coming back so fast, enjoy ur time there, i really really wanna go back to Aust!!!!!!

Valdez Lisa said...

Congratulations. 4 years is really long. May it last forever...
I bet I won't forget you guys' anniversary as it is near my date of birth. hee...

soo imm said...

oh my, been so long since i last blog hopped!
sorry for the late wishes babe but i still wanna say it hehe - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
and i luv the last line in ur post haha XD