Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

On our Sunday family dinners at home, siblings n i would fight for the comfy chairs with the back rest. No one wants to sit on the stool.

My sis 'chupped' a place by putting her cup of water at one sitting. I didnt care, sat there and moved her cup =P And i selamba drank her water in front of her n said, its my place now.

Hahaha, so mean right, bully my small sis. Then i said to her "Big sister sucks right?",

Little J sat on the stool and said "Yes".

Then i remembered my tub of Baskin n Robbins, bought it on 30th April without the 31% off cuz i just got paid my RM2081 paycheck. So i asked her if there is any left cuz i havent eaten it since the night i brought it home. (Since came back to Malaysia, i don't need to open the freezer to check what groceries need to be bought)

Lil sis finished the whole thing man!!!! And then it was her turn to say "Small sister sucks right?"

I said "YES!!!!!"

But no matter what i love my little sister sooo sooo much.

Thats my msn pic for the past 5 months. On 31st May i am gonna buy a much much bigger tub of Baskin n Robbins. Bought her J.Co donuts from Pavillion during lunch at work yesterday (Fri).

I would never say i love my job, but i really love bits of it. I was assigned to help out an audit in Bukit Bintang. Love the office man! Client rented a conference room for the 3 of us. Damn luxurious, on the 28th floor (penthouse is on the 29th), the place looks and feels like a hotel. Spectacular balcony view of the Golden Triangle, almost all to myself to enjoy at 5.30pm each day.

How often can u get access to so many offices other than being an auditor? I love love love checking out the interior of various offices. The ones i like, i get to enjoy, savour it. The ones i dislike, i don't have to worry, i'll be gone in less than 2 weeks. I havent been to my own company's dull, bare and boring 15th floor office for 3 weeks now y'know?

And i love love love getting a basic understanding of many company's operation. These companies are small in Msia but they have big holding companies in the States, or Germany, or wherever.

Love love love the seniors i've been assigned to so far, they share so much and they are so nice. And the latest one treated me and R to Japanese food in Pavillion for lunch yesterday (Fri)! So sweet of her, and i've only been on the job for 3days!

Oh, E's not doing so bad himself! His company sent him to Kuching, Sarawak with his senior and his senior manager! Less than 2 months on the job and he gets to travel, airfare, room and airport transfers all paid for! So proud of him! =) To an extend, some of these things are based on luck but whatever la, i am DAMN happy for him.

Overall quite happy la. Being back in Malaysia, i get spoiled rotten la. I not only have my Kancil but was lately given the greenlight to take my Grandpa/Aussie Uncle's automatic Wira as i please (since the car is idle and the bat keeps dying, it still dies alot, but i can deal w tht). After all, its like i have a weekday car and a weekend car!

I dont have to cook, i dont even have to mix my own juice (its something like Ribena), the maid does it for me... so often that when i tried doing it on my own, i had completely no idea whats the orange:water ratio. Needless to say i messed it up

Maid packs my breakfast and sometimes dinner if i ask for it. Breakfast is made up of bread with butter n kaya. I dont even have to buy my own kaya, boyfriend's parents buys it for me! I didn't even have to ask! I went over the other night and Uncle asked me if i've ran out of kaya!

OMG, to be honest... i have NO IDEA how much kaya i have left man, i don't even have to look at the little tub. So touched by his kindness weiiii. E and i are supposed to treat his parents to seafood dinner, maybe i'll just foot the whole bill la since E has more financial responsibilities than i do and they are so nice to me!

I've stopped buying t-shirts since i have so many from my teenage years. I won't buy another tee again unless its branded (and discounted). HEHEHEH, love my AUD29.00 No FCUKin' Worries tee and

yesterday, i bought my first Polo Ralph Lauren tee.

I went a little mad and bought one for a late Mother's Day and an early Father's Day and E's early birthday gift as well. RM89.00 buy one free one from Sungai Wang's Factory Outlet Store (FOS). If i bought it, it is a bargain =)

At 50% discount in Melbourne's Direct Factory Outlet (DFO), Essendon's post new year sale, one Polo Ralph Lauren tee costs AUD$49. AUD$49 x 3.00 = RM150 for ONE freaking piece. Yesterday, i got 4 of 'em for RM190. HAH! It pays to have my bargain bitch attitude...

=) Half of May's shopping budget gone. But i got a free umbrella for my purchases! AHAHAH

Okay, spoiled rotten bargain bitch is tired. Have a great 3 day weekend!


supplementals said...


She's Jess said...

Glad that you enjoying your life. You started your working life much better than I do.

Sue Lin said...

Sup, now u believe me when i said i'm alright? =P

Jess yeah thats why i have been super thankful so far.

supplementals said...

yea, im a believer now lol. Sup is so much cooler haha!

revel in me said...

Haih now I feel so guilty. Rm190 is like half of my week's shopping budget. T_T

Sometimes. :P

Sue Lin said...

Sup, i malas wanna type ur whole name. Hahaha. Hows ur asssg?

Reveil in Me, whoa, u serious?! U spend over RM1500 a month on shopping? JEALOUSSSS

revel in me said...

Haha, I said sometimes!!! During my more peak seasons la. =/

Sue Lin said...

Got peak and off peak seasons wan ar? Hahah =)

Jazzy*Pam said...

That's sisterly love, yup, that's the way it is. Hahaha.

And eh, I wanna get spoiled rotten too. I get that whenever I'm back in Mlk. Don't even let me start counting the ways. Haha.

Sue Lin said...

HAHAH, yeah it is and i love it!

All this pampering is why i never bothered to apply for work in Spore! HEHEHE