Thursday, May 08, 2008

Counting My BLessings and Self Comforting

1. Love my friends who love me. Trying to clear up my sms inbox is hell cuz i dun wanna delete anything

2. Love love E, he just called =)

3. Love love love my parents. One of the reasons. My father handed me my credit card bill. RM150 for petrol. As he always does. This time, i attached RM200 to the bill and left it on his table. He returned it to me saying no need for now! Awwwwwwwww =) That brings my April savings to RM1000.

3a. I guess its good thing that i am out and in the workforce at 22. Quite a lot of my ex-schoolmates are still studying. By working... my personal allowance doubled. I pay for my own gym membership. And i get to save well over five times what i used to save as a student. I don't feel like such a burden to my parents. The independence is nice

4. Wouldnt say i love my job but i enjoy parts of it. And the rest of it isnt as bad as i thought it would be. So far la.

5. Erm... remember me being down regarding professional exams? Received a phone call, things are looking up. Thats 6 days of paid study leave, yeah! Equivalent to RM660 minimum FREE per paper i take.

6. Er... I may be exhausted (and grumpy to the point of tears yesterday and hormonal due to period) after staying back in the office till 7.30pm, arrived home at 8.10, shower and makan its 9pm d. And in my line of work, this is considered early. Somemore got homework to do.

Sighs. A colleague told me that her friend worked all the way till 10am the next day. HAHAHAHA, can u imagine that? The girl ended up in the hospital with one week MC. Had to be put on drip.

Word has it that 2 colleagues had a miscarriage lately. What does that say about my work?


supplementals said...


She's Jess said...

I hope things turn out right for you.

I guess there are pros and cons for everything, just like working or studying. Pros of working, we have our own income and free to spend what we want, sometimes feeling a little proud of myself.

Cons of working? Envying friends who are studying when works don't seem ok, not much of leisure time compare when work starts.

I am off with the mood. At times I am happy that I am working, at times another way round.

So yea... I am kinda lost.

Sue Lin said...

No comment supplementals, no comment! Actually, lots to say but here aint the place.

Jess, its been okay so far and i appreciate that la. Thats for now.

Like u, I also feel kinda lost.