Monday, May 12, 2008

Addicted Again

A colleague, N always has nicely drawn eyelinered eyes. Every single damn day of training. Lately, another colleague asked her what eye liner she uses cuz it never smudges, always perfect.

N told us she got her eyelids tattooed. DAMMMMNNN am i interested. Perfect for the lazy me who never bothers with make up, i am the sort that just rolls out of bed and stumbles into the car.

My mom doesnt mind, she even has it! I want!. All i need now is to find a beautician who does it, someone who speaks English cuz my Cantonese sucks pretty bad and this has gotta be someone i can really communicate with. Anyone have someone to reccomend?

Also noted that many guys and girls in the gym have tattoos on their upper arm. I ALSO WANT another tattoo!!! A small one that can be covered with concealer on days that i wear sleeveless to work.

Call me an addict, I am one to an extend.

Also got addicted to Prison Break again. Season 2 now. I actually stopped watching d wan... but then, it was showing when i was in the gym. After having a taste of my drug, its back to my evil ways.

Locks self in my room and watch episode after episode, burning away my weekend.

It kills me that i dont have the entire season 2. Anyone have it? U need not reply if u are out of Malaysia, i dont need to be tortured... i need my drugs!


Sue Lin said...

Quite pissed at life and the way things work. I hate that the client chases off from the office early. That means no access to the files. But they left us use the room upstairs to finish up whatever work we have left.

Without access to the files, i virtually have nothing to do. Not even internet connection so i cant check my mail. What was i to do? Sit there and pretend to be working when in reality i have nothing to do? No right?

But going home early, though the senior said u wanna go go, i feel like... i shouldn't. Like, if i go earlier than her i look bad.

And when i leave the client's place at 6.30, thats the most super jammed time ever. Takes me 45 minutes to get home. My treshhold is 30 mins. Thats the longest i can stay in a traffic jam without getting super effing pisssed.

Such a stupid dilemma. Got work also i will complain. No work i get pissed too cuz i look bad and i get stuck in stupid pointless traffic. Either i stand to lose and lose and lose

U tell me why life's like that wan?

Dawn said...

HAHA! My mum does tattoo for the brows. Not sure if she still does for the eyelids though. ahah!

BabY KaT said...

curve has the service :) :) its near peek-a-boo :)
i got the whole season :P

Sue Lin said...

Hey Dawn, eh i was just thinking of u just now! Hope to meet up sometime soon if u are not having any assgs around the corner

Kat i hate youuuuuuuu!!! And thanks, i'll check out the Curve

allaboutattitude said...

I met a junkie just like me!

Joey said...

Wait...eyelids?? Can meh? Omg, I'm so jakun. I never knew you could tattoo ur eyelids.

Sue Lin said...

Thanks but no thanks allboutattitude

Yup, Joey! But its not common la. Other than my mom, two aunts and that one colleague, i never met anyone who has it. Or maybe i never knew whether they did it or not. Hardly anyone talks about it

supplementals said...

tattoo eyelids? cant imagine what it'll look like 30 yrs from now O_O guess can always use skin tone eyeliner to cover up then haha :p

In regards to ur little vent about life. I believe its because it'll all be worth it in the end. Makes life all the more sweeter when you conquere all that jazz, haha. Fertilizer rocks*!!!

Sue Lin said...

Nah la nothing wan la 30yrs fr now. Its the eyebrows thAt one should never tattoo. That part of the face changes. Our eyes are the same shape/size since the day we were born, i read tht somewhere if i remembered correctly

Have enough fertilizer man, what i need is air!

soo imm said...

waomgnotpainmeh >.<
but i'm damn interested too!! haha omg the vain-ness XD
izzit like damn painful ah?? how much do u think it'll cost?? i so want to know ;p

Sue Lin said...

Whoa serious soo imm u serious? Lets go Curve together n check it out?! Going to sms u as soon as i finish my green tea J Co donut!