Friday, May 02, 2008

Long. Lots of Letters.

"I didn't shop at all in April", i said proudly to my mom. RM30 spent on ONE pair of shoes out of my RM400 self-set shopping allowance doesn't really count.

But she doesn't know how to appreciate me! =(

Not like i have much time to shop. Precious weekends are spent in the gym or with E or with family. In a way being fat helps me save money. All free time is spent at the gym instead of shopping! Hahaha.

So my Fitness First membership of RM191 a month is totally worth it. Hahah, can reduce the monthly fee if i take a one year contract after my 3month one ends. I think. I hope!

Anyway, when i worked at the fashion company i drove to Uptown Damansara super early in d morning and then went to Fitness First in Uptown 5... TO GO BACK TO SLEEP. Hahaha, i brought my gym stuff but i used the towel as a pillow! Hehe, i really slept for a good 40mins there.

So the gym memberships doubles as a safe hang out place at dawn.

This week i was instructed by manager S to go do a stock count in KLIA! Automation company, main office in Sunway Damansara. I went there super early to avoid the traffic. But instead of hitting the Curve's Fitness First, i met up with my ex_study partner for a good catching up time over breakfast! =)

Both she and E said that my task was cool. Well, it was sorta cool. Had to climb really high ladders, my job is risky yo! HAHAH, nah la, nothing one la, Sue Lin laughs no scared heights.

At first i was scared though. I never did a stock count before and i was sent on this task ALONE. Didnt sleep well the night before. Worried. What if i cant do my job well?

But at the same time i felt important la. Like, manager thinks i can do it! HAHAHA, real story is that they are short of staff and i happened to be available the right time, right place.

From my experience in the past 2 days, stock counts are FUN. Hehe. Get paid my RM110 a day to stand there and WATCH the client count their stock. Of cuz there are things i gotta look out for, had to study the long list of things to observe the night before. And i had to recount just 60 types of items out of the total.

My restaurant waitress shoes will now be my stock count shoes! Finally, a reason to use those bloody expensive (but damn comfy) shoes!

Oh u know, the other fun part? The client drove me to KLIA! No limo but its nice being driven. Plus free lunch both days. KFC and then Dominos. All staff involved in the count was also treated to lunch.

I also found it cool to go into the warehouses in KLIA! I was totally out of place there since everyone was MALE... but who cares la. Most people only go to departures and arrivals but i've been to cargo!

HAHAHA, i dun care if u think i am lame. I enjoy seeing places, doesn't matter what, where.

One thing i love about my job is the travel. I gotta buy one of the KL versions of Melway. That thick map book. I like getting into my baby Kancil and hitting the road during office hours, i never mentioned how much i enjoyed my drive to my first client's place in Nilai. It was sunny and i drove through fields of grass, it reminded me of the the time i drove south of Frankston.

Another thing i love is meeting so many people. All of them older than me. Working with my 3rd manager, worked with an S1 and two more senior AA2 (I am an AA2 as well). And when i am with each client (i've been to 4 companies already), i speak to the staff from the accounting department all the way to the top of the firm.

I find it cool to be introduced to these busy ang mohs, who take a minute or so to meet me and shake my hand! =)

I am like at the bottom of my firm, yet they stand and smile at me. Muahahaha... feel so important!

And i feel so fortunate la. Everyone in the 4 companies i have been to are SUPER nice and not mean at all wei... Trainer said that 50% of clients are mean and 50% are nice... how is it that i am so lucky to not work with any mean ones yet?

Does this mean that i would one day face the devil boss of all evil clients?

Time would tell


Joey said...

Hey, sounds like everything is going well. Even the saving money part ;)

You joined a gym as well? Oh dear, it seems like I'm the only one amongst my frens who haven't joined a gym. Maybe I'll join one for a month when I get back to Msia...maybe...hehehe

Sue Lin said...

Yeah its fine

I've been going to the gym more or less frequently since July last year when i reached 60kg

Another way being fat helps save money is that... i go shopping try on a lot of stuff and then nothing looks good, i leave without buying anything. Thats good in a way but sad in all other aspects

Xiao Gwei said...

devil customers eh... I've had too many...

MaS said...

ehh i dun go gym also .... u forgot me joey ...

Sue Lin said...

Haha, Xiao Gwei, i was blur when u said customers... we always call them clients in my place. Dunno why la must they be so mean, as if they dun work with people and as if THEY dun have to play nice to their own customers/clients. Why cant everyone be nicer?

She's Jess said...

60 kgs? now? 50kgs? I hope I can stick to my plan just like you..

Sue Lin said...

Now 55kg. Sticking to my Saturday gym timetable la... trying to add another day on a week day... or maybe make it Sunday. Dunno if i should switch to the weekend package.... Ai...

I'm sure u can do it la. U had no problem sticking to ur diet, this shudnt b a prob 4 u