Sunday, May 25, 2008

2 Months on the job

And i'd say the latest client was the most challenging. First day on this job really killed me. Had thoughts of suicide. Eg "Hey, i am on the 9th floor, if i jump, death is certain since u only need 7 floors to die"

But of course i know that this is not worth my life.

Left the office at 11pm that night. Got up the next day with a headache and felt like puking for a few hours. But after 3pm it got a tiny bit better. Left at 10pm

Thursday was a bit better than Wed (worked till 11pm) and by

Friday, i was laughing and smiling when i left the office at 8.45pm. By coincidence, met up with a few of the seniors i worked with during my internship days! Its terrific cuz i deeply regretted not getting their contacts when i was done with my vacation training

Also, one of the managers i worked previously worked with stopped me for a chat as i walked past his table. He said my Stocktake was good for a first timer!!!! =)

He said that during the review with the director, the director didnt raise any concern over the inventory work i did! =) Yahooooooo, i did the stocktake alone while most people are accompanied their first time

Next week is going to be a tough week, continuing on with the current client. Thank goodness there is one thing to look forward to re this client.

I am gonna get to work in the Petronas Twin Towers! Tower 2 baby! Hahah! I MUST go visit the sky bridge durin lunch and again after sundown if possible! Heyyy, maybe DURING sunset as well? Ok, i am askin too much! =P


Valdez Lisa said...

going to twin tower? call up DD see whether is she still there auditing petronas. hee...
I bumped into her that 1 or 2 days ago. Really rare chance to see her. both of us are so busy and able to only say HI.

Sue Lin said...

Oooh! Thanks for telling me! But tomolo manager coming in for review so... dun think i can arrange lunch with her =(

Today's a good day at work. Time flew. And the team went to buy dinner, the client joined us for take out dinner in the pantry, and we were all more or less chatting. He was great la, and we kept on asking him not only about the audit work but also about his personal life! HAHAH, he's a 31 yr old Sporean who has lots of life's knowledges to share, and also talking about cultural difference was fun(ya i know even though spore n msia are pretty similar)

Today, like yesterday the senior was the one who asked us to go home early (9pm), today she asked for 9.30 but we worked till 10.15pm or so, and i was actually still smiling! =)

Weird since i started coughing yesterday and it got worse today. Finally, i feel like i can be myself with this team and i feel happier la that we can chat and i can ask anything without feeling stupid.