Friday, May 25, 2007


U might wanna stop reading now. Consider that your warning.

Why do other people seem to be having so much fun (fr the looks of their blogs), why am i the only one who feels like a damned housewife?

Grocery shop. Cook. Clean. Wash.

Repeat process over and over and over again.

For many, studying abroad is the key to freedom. Not for me. I had my freedom at home, in addition to that i have a car, a credit card for petrol, i can go out almost as much as i wanted and when i go home, i go back to a home with food on the table, laundry done, floor cleaned, bedsheets washed everymonth...

For someone who's not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, i gotta admit i'm pretty spoilt. Not that i get all the material things i want, but i'm spoilt in the sense that i never had to do housework chores cook etc in Malaysia.

Father always believed in having all that basic needs taken care for us kids so that we could focus on our studies...

yet i never do well

How am i supposed to do well now? Haha, excuses.

This is my last year of uni life. I wonder if i can make it through with minimal regrets...

Ok, gotta go.

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