Friday, March 07, 2008

Metaphorically Speaking

We started off on this road. Could lead anywhere, it all depends on the turns u take and the speed at which u travel.

We went along a simple road, a casual one. I let my guard down, first mistake.

I didn't read each signboard properly, i didn't take the time to think, i made another mistake by answering too quickly. I was going too fast and without knowing it i ended up on the flyover to the cemetery.

There was still a way out, but i couldn't see it. Slowly but surely her questions were guiding me, guiding me to pick up the shovel. Before i knew it, i was in this hole...

I wanted to get out. But somehow, i found myself digging deeper and deeper

Until there was no way out

I dug my own grave


She's Jess said...

Well, life is always unpredictable.

And is it appropriate if i ask you now when are you free for drinks?

supplementals said...

Semper in excretum, Quod erat variatum!!! shit makes good fertilizer anyway :)

Sue Lin said...

Yeah Jess, i hope things wont be as bad as i predict it to be.

I'll either sms or chat with u online about that. I still have ur bday present and the nuts for ur dad

Supplementals, damn u are right =) Good experience going through all that shit though it was far from easy.

Sue Lin said...

I got over the whole thing after i considered myself rejected by implication when they didn't call the day after the interview. I guess that was the right thing to do cuz after that i just buried the whole incident and laid it to rest.

Just remembering the lessons learn