Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Exactly 6 months ago, i was suffering from food poisoning. Right before my flight to Aust! From then on it's been hectic. Never got the chance to post up these pix!

Little farewells with closer friends.

M, E and i went to One Utama for lunch. Just to catch up before leaving.

Decorations of a celebration i never got to celebrate this year.

Damn my hair was so straight.

My pre-university Biology laboratory group mates. Love them, all our nonsense to the weirdest counting the corn experiment to *confidential*.

Three of us together:

We meet up at least once a year every year. Won't be having another gathering till end of 2008 or beginning of 2009 cuz XY's in UK! =( Might meet YW if she's still here when i go over to Sydney this summer.

Quite a nice picture...

These 3 i hung out with a lot in The Foyer (my trademark place, as D calls it) in Sunway:

There is another guy in our group but he accompanied his girlfriend to Perth, so he missed my farewell! =( And there's another girl but that high achiever was doing an internship in Singapore!

Damn sad this meeting ended pre-maturely. Due to rain. And everyone was tired. There were promises of meeting up once more before i left but it didnt work out. Didn't even get a good group pic...

But this pic's funny. Cute D and i. We love eating and we love laughing! Miss her damn it.

Girl in the next pic, we met in Ausmat but never really spoken until after Ausmat. Became friends through blogging ya know!? =)

This was only the second time i hung out with her but we get along like we've known each other for ages. Her boyfriend is E's ex-school mate, he sorta introduced them, so they wanted to treat us to sinfully yummy dinner in return!

Oh yeah, i don't take pictures of food yeah? =P And damn my hair was so curly! Hahah

Another D and i in Sanctuary. Or Century? I think its Sanctuary. I love checking out the interior of clubs in KL. Niceee.

The three clubs i went to in Melbourne didn't please me. No intentions whatsoever of going clubbing anymore here, not even curious to see that new in club Seven or 7 here. This D is now in Clayton.

Next up, a picture with my closer school friends. One of them couldn't make it though.

MY and i get to sit cuz both of us are flying off to Aust (went to Mt Buller with her). Don't think i'd be seeing PL till... 2010! When i return to Msia, she'd fly here for 2 years!

Last but not least:

Is! Met up with her for a quick lunch after buying books to ship to Aust. Another person i won't see in a few years. She'd fly off to the States by the time i get home!

HOW CAN I NOT HAVE THE PICTURES OF MARCO'S PIZZA?! That's E and my farewell with the wonderful Victoria University girls and 2 guys!

They are originally E's friends but as his girlfriend, they more than welcomed me into their group, invited me to their movie outings, birthday parties and their Redang trip!

Hope their plans to visit Melb in summer works out! =)


supplementals said...

aww... how lovely, makes me wish i had a farewell of my own! now i gotta find an excuse to leave msia :p

meL.a.Nie said...

woah..after 6 mths,u'd finally put our pic.i want piccies!!i'll stalk u on msn then..tata..see ya on msn.

sue lin said...

Hahaha, Supplementals, not easy to fit everyone into schedule wei... they all so damn busy. But when its all over and u just look back at the pix it seems so simple n nice

Hey Mel, haha! So sorry! Was busy settling in n had no internet remember =P Come stalk me la. Hehe

Patchay said...

oh so you went back to Malaysia lately.. ?

sue lin said...

Er. No. That was 6 months ago