Sunday, August 12, 2007

If All Goes Damn Welll

If all goes damn well, which is unlikely (but what the hell, Pisces people like me need to daydream), i could maybe, possibly, go to the USA for a year next year.

Which city in the States should i pick and why???!

Or do u know any excellent uni or college there that offers a one year diploma or something in design?

Anyone interested, loves children, holds a driving license, currently in Australia, let me know. We could go for the information session together this Saturday.

J you are the first person that comes to mind! Why do u have to be in UK now?! =(

Crown Casino

In the ladies room, this lady asked if anyone has a Panadol.

I said"I think i do". I made it a point to carry them around cuz the last time i had a headache, E had to pay 5dollars to buy me a strip of Panadol. They only cost abt 3 dollars for 2 dozen?

She insisted on paying me for it. "Its PANADOL, no one has it", she said and pulled out 5bucks.

"You saved my life!", she declared.

She then swallowed them with ALCOHOL!

Stunned and speechless, I just stared at her, my mouth open slightly. Forced myself to NOT lecture her. I mean... whats the point, the pills are on the way down her esophagus...

"THANK you soooo much", she repeated.

I was like "No problem...". I just hope i didn't kill her by giving her pills to mix with alcohol...


supplementals said...

Sunny California. Cause thats where the babes at. (dudes for you) New York If u wanna experience what its like in busy america, compare to kl haha. cheh.. i talk like as if i know anything about USA. thank you tv.

oh, and the girl was probably outa drugs and needed a fix reallll bad. Either that or shes just stupid. (lets hope its the latter)

Joey said...

US?! Really? *gets super excited* I hope it works out, Sue Lin. Awww...I really wanna go, too.

Btw, diploma in design? As Haha...ok, tat sounded silly. But as in wat kind? Fashion design? Interior design? Digital art? Tattoo designing (hehe)?

I've a few friends in the US. Could try to ask for you. Will let u know

sue lin said...

Supplementals, but i'm already spending a year in beachy Frankston here. Go to another beachy place there ar? Besides, California's huge, where abt in Cali? E said Miami! Hahah. Is Miami even in California? Gotta do some research before the info session

I was thinking NY but dunno if i can handle it anot! HAHA. I think the thing might involve driving the kids to school... dun wanna die in NY's traffic. Is NY's traffic really as bad as we see on tv?

No further comments on d girl!

sue lin said...

Awww, Joey, i wan u to come with me too!

Yeah, please ask them, That would be great! =) Thanks!

Haha, i know a dip in design sounds silly, but its something i've always wanted to do. Just never had the confidence in it. Most likely digital design lar. More applicable. Fashion design usually includes sewing which i do not wanna do! =P

Joey said...

Ok, will drop them an email. I'll prolly juz ask them for some names and a bit of info if they have, and you can do the research?

Haha, no, no, I meant my question was silly.

And...driving kids to school? Huh? R u being offered a job or something?

sue lin said...

Its Cultural Care Au Pair. Spend a year there looking after ppl's kids. The parents would be my host parents. Weekends off. N get to study a bit. Weekly allowances and 2 weeks paid holiday, one month free to myself. Having a driver's license is a must to apply. So assuming i gotta drive