Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Love My Life

Normally i find it stupid when people use statements like that in their blogs but thats what i'm feeling right now. Kinda... Happy.

Day after last post. Played poker! More on that after i get some pix. For now, check out my name in the Australian Poker League. I'm a member there! Wahaha, damn happie even though u gotta SCROLLLLL all the way to the bottom to see my name.

Check our number 31, its this blogger. And then check out number 7, Chinese name!

Day after that bought jeans for $15.00. Ecstatic! So cheap. Plus, i managed to fit into a size 8! Whahahaha, according to magazines, Australian size 6-8 is American size 0.

Day after that, i went for D's housewarming party. Like all parties i go to, i barely knew anyone. Yet it was a blast. Played poker with LF's friends. When i lost i became dealer! And when they left, just chatttttt with friends of friends. K, i want pix!

Day after that, spent time with Aunt and her family. GOOOOOOOOD food. Steamed fish, sweet and sour pork ribs, my beloved siew yoke (roast pork). Duck!!!

My 8year old cousin already has a hint of Aussie accent! She's been here for only 7 months. Showed me class pix, mostly locals. And she pointed out her friends, quite a lot of them. She has always been sociable.

Yesterday (Monday), i went to the gym! Buffed Bar (kinda like Bodypump rip-off) is always loads of fun for me!

And today (Tues) i cooked a western dinner, I love cooking! Weird. If i were to see this post one year ago, i wouldn't have believed it!!


+ : A d a M : + said... could u lose la? looks like u need more training..haha

ehh dont la publicize only 31 least zhenhan is top 10 edi..hahaha..oh and theres a photo of u too..scroll through the photos and youll see yourself..hahaha

sue lin said...

Shit! Photo of me? Must be because of u guys la, because i stood next to u, they take my photo!

My friend la, help me lose... sighhhh. Nevermind la, it was officially my 4th time ever playing poker. At least i can deal =P

SaSsy GurL said...'s true, believe it! i mean, the cooking part that is. i was just like you when i first came here..LOVE to till FAT! haha! but now...couldn't be bothered to cook so elaborately anymore lar...cook fast, eat fast.

sue lin said...

Hahah, ya la, cook n eat until so fat! Still not yet sien of cooking though. But joined gym, just likke u =P

BabY KaT said...

is the K me ???

sue lin said...

Yah. Who else can it be?