Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday Night Poker

I only realized i didn't have my camera when i almost got there at the Frankston Football Club. Nonetheless, we were late and everyone was seated so i wouldn't have been able to take photos anywayz.

AN asked me if i brought my poker membership card. I was like "Of course, it already has a place in my wallet". Hahah

Unlike last week, where my table was full of local guys of all ages (i felt like i was thrown into a movie's poker game. I was so out of place), this week, my table had a very chatty lady. She kept the conversation going.

Unlike last week, i knew a lil' bit more about betting. =P Just played and played and played. Almost lost but i managed to win and get back in the game at least twice. =D The lady said my luck was unbelievable.

I was very engrossed in the game until suddenly AN said "You're going to get into the final 18! You're going to get points!".

Whoa! Woww, damn happy wei, this was the fifth time i EVER played poker in my life =D I looked around and saw that there were very few tables =D

In the end i got 15th place for this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Which upgrades me from number 148 overall last week to number 94 overall this week! Heheeeeee =D =D

Stuck around to watch AN in the final 8. The 1st and 2nd places were women. They were really playing seriously and silently while AN was making all the noise. And when he lost everyone went "AWWWWWW" for him. He got third place again.

Won't be playing next Thursday cuz of Merdeka Eve celebration. Which also translates to E and my 3rd Year Anniversary together =)

Gonna write about my bluff next, just for remembrance.

U can skip reading that and congratulate me in the comments! Haha, just kidding, u dun have to.

I had pocket aces (the best pre-flop hand), i almost couldn't contain my happiness. I wanted to go all in (bet everything i had). Oh by the way, the game is free, u just bet chips.

But i reasoned with myself. If i went all in, people might suspect that i had a very good hand (aka very good cards). So i just called (bet the minimum to stay in the game). I don't exactly remember what was in the flop but i think there was an ace. So i had more than a pair ;)

In the next round of betting, i raised a little. My strategy was to encourage people into betting, so that when i won (man, was i THAT confident?) , when i won, i'd win a bigger pot of chips. Hehe.

Someone else raised, which was good for me. And i made a mistake by calling too quickly, even before the guy beside me decided whether to call or not. He folded. Damn, wasted some chips from him. But he was a nice person, helped me out a bit (got lots of chips cuz of his help). He got into the final table.

Its a pretty friendly game, i let both the people next to me see my cards once they folded. I also looked at their cards after i folded. The chatty lady was also doing the same.

I won that round. Everyone was shocked with my aces =)

Another incident was towards the end, i was down to almost no chips. All i wanted was to stay in the game for as long as i can, in hopes of someone else getting knocked out of one of the table and letting me have a better ranking.

I had a jack and a queen, i didn't know if i should call the bet, it was pretty high.

And then i suddenly realized that i had three cards (u just get two cards by the rules)! Wahaha, i was like "Wait, why do i have three cards?!" The third card was an ace! The guy next to me was like, keep this card (the ace) and throw out the jack! Wahaha.

But cannot la, that round was canceled. Deal again. Which was ok. Anything to slow things down would do just fine. This week i played till 10.30pm. Last week i was out by 9pm.

Can't wait for next next week! Or maybe if i can do enough studying, i could go for the Wednesday poker game...


Jocelyn said...

Omgosh, this pokermania is everywhere!! Here, in KL...even in Aussie!

Congratz btw! Haha

sue lin said...

Hahaha, in KL its on??? Or u mean UK?

Its not really ON here, its a new thing for the Malaysians studying here. Don't know anyone else who plays besides the two of them, E and i.

And thanks!!!! =)

Zhen Han said...

all u did dear is SLOWPLAYING pocket aces. can be sumed up in 1 word. haha, amazing u can write a paragraph out of it.

Joey said...

Yeap! A lot of KL kids r into it. Whenever there's any party of some sort, they play poker. Tat's wat I hear fr frens anyway. And it's the same in the UK. My Uni even organizes poker competitions -.-

I think Poker is our generation's version of "mahjong". Hahahaha..

sue lin said...

Zhen Han, i had no idea that has a name! Hahaha. Besides, not all my friends would know what SLOWPLAYING pocket aces are, so bercerita in simple terms lor. If they bother to read anywayz =P

And thanks for stopping by and commenting! =)

Joey, oooh, really? Then i must have been really outdated before i left Msia... or was it a recent development?

+ : A d a M : + said...

hoho if poker is really taking off back home..then i think we're in business..=D

HAHAHA dont try and cheat with 3 cards laaa..just say theres a misdeal and do it again..honesty is best policy okay?? LOL

sue lin said...

Hahaha, good lar for u! =)

Eh, i didn't cheat! I told them n they dealt again. I know the policies k? Hhaha