Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sue's life

Cold shower in winter. Not impossible. Not fun either.

Eating out three nights in a row. Bad on the budget.

Procrastination. A trait of average students... like me.

Baggy home wear long sleeved turtleneck. Shrunk. Three quarter sleeves now.

Shit. Thats what i'm in. Knee deep and rising


supplementals said...

quod erat variatum? someone wise once told me "happiness is nothing if u dun feel shit... so shit will make ur happiness sweeter" I found that very enlightening, gave new meaning to 'being in shit' :)

sue lin said...

Damn u, Supplementals quoting what i wrote in your blog comments!! Very smart some more, refer to me as "someone wise"! =) HAHAHA! Seriously laughing! =D

BabY KaT said...

go do assignmet mentor ! haha... why are you blogging and stalking other peoples blog ? =P hahahahha....

sue lin said...

Must take breaks also what, Mentee, otherwise breakdown then die, take longer to restart ok?

And i where got stalk? I VISIT ok? U blog everyday ma, so i visit everyday lor =P