Sunday, August 05, 2007


Too many social activities, too many obligations, an assignment and a presentation coming up. Wished i blogged instead of watching License to Wed. Now Gwen would have to wait =(

Next time i'll let them watch whatever movie first and then if they say its good i'd CONSIDER watching.

Way back in May i applied to be a student ambassador for Monash Open Day. I thought i wouldn't get it but i put a lot of effort into my application cuz i was procrastinating coursework =P

Made my day to be one of the 20 students chosen! Hehe. But the open day wasn't much in Peninsula. Far less people than Monash Malaysia's.

Another difference was that in Malaysia, when u see a parent and a kid, u know its the kid u ask "What course are u interested in?". But here, i learnt, the parent might be the one interested in studying in Monash!!

Must not discriminate against age, u know? =P

Stood from 12pm till 3pm outdoors in the campus in winter! Kept warm by eating lots of FREE sausages. Monash provided us with beanies that we can keep =) and a really good (but not fashionable) vest for the day.

All we did was give directions to the physiotherapy/ education/ business/ psychology building. At the end of my shift came a pleasant surprise. An envelope accompanying with my certificate of participation.

Not the usual RM10 MPH voucher u get in Malaysia, even RM20 would have been generous back home. Monash Peninsula gave us AUD$50 Coles voucher! Yayyy!! A week's worth of groceries! =)

Not like i do groceries in Malaysia...


BabY KaT said...

okay.. im gona comment on the u gain weight part.. u do not okayy... pls la... which part? ur boy never say also ,... so should be okayy... :)

sue lin said...

Kat we are going to have a serious talk...


supplementals said...


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Jonathan said...

thats another $50 == 5 kg into your more

Thats one generous giving by going for it next year

sue lin said...

Hahah, yeah! Go volunteer for everything! Thats what i did