Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In Australia

14 Febraury 2007 - Was a very sweet valentine but if u ask me to go through it again, no thanks. I had food pisoning and E was manja-ing me all day. At night i went for dinner with him and his parents since i felt somewhat better. Totally forgot about the horrid valentine day rush... i was even sicker after the extra long dinner. Plus i puked out all my dinner

My father is not taking a day off to see me off, so Wednesday night was when i said goodbye. I cried and he kissed me on the forehead like he used to when i was a kid.

15 February 2007 - Got up at 7 am, feeling better and started rushing my packing. Had a long way to go, didn't pack well... My luggage was 2kg underweight!!!!!! =( i have not enough clothes! I regret excluding many things. Sigh. I kept visiting the toilet in the plane.

16th February - Arrived in Melbourne, Monash sent a really nice luxury car to pick HS and i up. We forgot to wear our seatbelts in the back seat =P

My aunt's place - our temporary accomodation was really small and my aunt's extended family, whom i do not know were living there too. Felt damn out of place and like such a burden there...

And the weather was soooo hot. And there are no fans. Nor airconds.

We ate out for lunch... meals are expensive, a simple meal costs $7-8. I looked at the menu and felt like crying. After converstion, that price could have gotten me my gourmet cheese baked rice at Kim Gary.

I saw my little cousin and she reminded me of my lil sis cuz they played a lot together in December and i felt like crying...

I didn't want to message E, I didn't want to talk to my father on the phone too much cuz any reminder of home triggers the tears.


typlotion said...

Don't worry, you'll get used to it hehehehehehehehe. Library in Frankston not too bad wut lolx!

Jazzy*Pam said...

"I cried and he kissed me on the forehead like he used to when i was a kid."



Serene said...

hey ya...australia will get better i promise.. =)
keep your chin up ya..
and come visit sydney soon

Jocelyn said...

There, there. It'll get better. **hugzz**

When I read tat ur dad kissed u on ur forehead, I juz tot tat was the sweetest thing I've ever read :)

Do update more when u get the chance. Must be pretty busy now, but I'd love to hear every single detail :D

sakurablossom said...

Missing home will be hard. I would say try to call home as much as you can cause once school starts you won't really get the chance. Believe me. I been through all these for years. You will not able to shake of the crying. But you will adapt to the change as time passes. Have courage in yourself :)

sakurablossom said...

I mean shake of the crying easily...

sakurablossom said...

What you going through is also called independent. Not depending lving with family anymore but learn to live the life of your own and also learn how the world actually are and the worse thing is have to juggle the finance.

Valdez Lisa said...

Cheer up girl! I don't have any experience, but I just wish you are cheerful in overseas.:)

meL.a.Nie said...

hey gal!!
glad to hear dat u're safe in aust now..waiting for u to come in2 msn n hav a loooonnnnnnggggg chat.

missing u here a lot..n elwyn too..

will b reading ur blog very often.

sue lin said...

Typlotion, getting used 2 it, feels ike i've been here for ages! Lib quit nice n modern looking and can talk inside!

Pam hugs back!

Serene, thanks! It is getting better but when i saw a terrier in the pet shop i thought of my puppy Coco and wanted to cry! Hoping to visit Sydney!

Jocelyn, errr... now i malu! Ahaha. I really wanna post but no internet at home!!! =( We're still looking around for the telco that offers the best plan, thats the problem with living off campus

Sakurablossom, it was just the first few days that were tough... now... its getting better. My father calls quite often using Skype Out. Waiting till i get my fixed line then can use calling card to call back home

V Lisa, thanks! Missing u guys!!!

Melanie, haha, so far u havent been online when i'm online! Dunno when only can get my internet at home, should take about 2 weeks! Ah!

Patchay said...

Happy CNY to u Sue Lin !!! I wish u good health, wealth watevar... ! Good luck in Melbourne too!

Don't shop too much haha! j/k k.

Btw, I'm now in Aussie too, but different city. Maybe someday I'll visit u lol, who knows right?

Oh yeah if u using msn often add me k: patchayik@hotmailcom. Thanx.

Take good care and be cheerful alwas!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to wish you all the best for your new semester, Sue Lin! I hope you're enjoying yourself over there. Miss you guys a lot. Uni and hangouts just wouldn't be the same without y'all.. Till then, take good care at all times : ) *hugs*


Anonymous said...

Hope things will get better for you sooner than later, Sue Lin. Hang in there, my dear friend. Although I may not be a the best adviser around, but just wanted to let you know that should you need a person to talk to or to listen out, I'm always an MSN away =) Cheer up yeah =)

Anonymous said...

Urm, just so you know the previous msg was from me, too.. So sorry, i've forgotten to insert my name!


sakurablossom said...

I think use skype is better. Cheaper lo than calling card. Believe me. Save so much money. I used it a lot with Peter and my siblings.

sue lin said...

Patchay, happy CNY to u too! Wish u all that too =P

What r u doing in Aust??? U transferred to another uni or just visiting Aust for CNY? Come come visit me! We'll talk on msn when i get my internet line k?

Liwei, hey! Miss u guys too! Wondering how it like back in Msia. The VU people havent started yet right??

Thanks for everything Liwei! But right now no internet at home yet =( At comp lab now

Sakura, yup i know, but no internet at home now. Thanks 4 d suggestetion =)

Sue Lin said...

OMG... i cant believe all that was so far away! Its all still so vivid but i am now on my 2nd day of working... I can remember typing out this post so clearly