Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Going Insane

Went jogging in the park after work wearing a skirt with a slit and long sleeves shirt. With only a pair flip flops on my feet.

Didn't care that people were starring at the mad office-woman in the park that i am

Since stopping Fitness First i've felt awful, my skirt seems tighter and my stomach really bulged out after breakfast. I skipped my free morning coffee...

At times like that i feel sad being female... the pressure to be thin is horrible.

And i really don't understand why the Malay phrase "Goyang kaki" means being idle and useless.

Its NOT easy to goyang kaki ok? Takes a lot of effort to continously goyang kaki ok?

Ya, i tried to goyang kaki while doing work to burn a few calories in the office.

I am really going insane


Marcus@Home said...

You are really into your work. Until have to go jogging with your office apparel on. Ya, goyang kaki is not good enough, must goyang the whole body. Shake that thing..lolx =)

sue lin said...

HAHAHAHA, funny la u. Cannot shake whole body... or i'd look like i'm on ECSTACY! Then kena fired

At lerast goyang kaki can hide under d table... n it looks normal

Jazzy*Pam said...

Lols, crazy lar you, gurl! But exercise IS good. So yeah, haha. I need to start exercising again, too! :(

sue lin said...

Hahaha, yeah, its good... starting Monday i'll exercise everyday... cuz i send my friend to the lrt station v near a park... staightaway go

Must bring proper attire. Especially shoes

Must go Petaling Street buy new shoes

meL.a.Nie said...

when u're leaving?!?
i've alredi started my internship & guess wat,ur fren jin wun is my colleague!!
i'm gonna miss u better meet up b4 u fly off 8327432 miles away

sue lin said...

Melanie! Wow, what a small world! I also met my schoolmate in the coy i'm working for. How did u know she's my friend???

I'll send u an sms right after i've posted this comment k?? I'll miss u too! We'll arrange something one day ok? And no la... its no where near 8.3million miles away... is it?

typlotion said...

i'm going insane as well soon...

sue lin said...

Haha, we all are.

Wait, do u mean insane=exercise? Hahahah, good good